Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Across the Miles

I have been truly touched and amazed at how many people have taken the time to reach out to me and offer me kind words of love and support.

Of course my family and close personal friends have been here with me. Holding me up. Cooking for me. Crying with me. Laughing with me. Sitting in silence with me. Sending me messages everyday or calling to check in. In the future if they ever have to go through a {{{shudder}} tragedy I only hope I can be as good and kind and wise as they have been.

Just as amazing is YOU. You people from all over the world who have reached out to me and from the heart offered me words of encouragement and love and support. Some of you have spoken from personal experience and pain to let me know that one day, one day, it will be easier. Some of you have cried across the internet with me. Some of you have reached out via personal emails. Some of you have called me on the phone.

Thank You doesn't seem like enough to say to all of you. But Thank You is all I have right now. You have held me up. You have encouraged me. You are wonderful, compassionate, giving people. You help me through each day.

Many of you have commented on TBHITW's picture on the beach. I will always cherish and ponder that picture.

And this one, where Holly Bear is turning back and he is walking on. No footprints in the sand. Just a glance back at me.

A boy I last saw in high school wrote a poem about this picture. Across the years - this now grown man (who I remember as being kind, quiet and intelligent in HS) sent me these words, the picture somehow speaking to him.

Like I said, amazing.

light                                                       by R.J. Heller

“Everything continues, light is the essence of today, the reminders of the past, and the beacon for tomorrow….”

Ever changing, yet constant, memories
In us, revealed in a smile,
In us, it is our eyes
Our Soul

It is ever reaching, and does
Not end…it continues
In time, and in all the empty spaces
Our Times

It touches, us with memory
Of joyous rapture, and
Tones of sadness
Our Reflections

Year upon year, it travels
Singing of a life lived
A life shared,
Our Lives

A smile is love,
Light shines, becomes many
Things, a touch, taste, a smell
Our Moments

It touches us, gentle reminders,
To live, and to remember
A smile is love, in light constant
Our Loves

Each memory, as it rises
Is light, linked to many more
Colors reveal the light, the smiles


  1. We will alway be here. Thanks for the poem, it is awesome.

  2. That's a lovely poem. It's good to hear that you have so much support among your family and friends. Best wishes.

  3. What a blessing that in the midst of sorrow you are shown good things, happy things, and loving people.

  4. Lots of hugs and prayers and may your mind be filled with all the good times you've shared.

  5. BEAUTIFUL words inspired by those pictures..I am so happy your family is close..experiencing loss is universal we all will experience it..at one time or another..so we gather and support each other when thier time comes..sending love your way....Marlene

  6. Such a lovely poem. The pictures are amazing. This is the first time I've seen the second one with him glancing back.. wow.

    I'm watching a cd today that I ordered for you, and if it's something I think you might like, I'll send it along. Hope today is good one. Blessings.

  7. I am so glad you have been so surrounded by love during this time. Sometimes it is so hard for people to find the right words, or any words for the grieving. Just know that in our own way we are all grieving with you and that your strength, your beautiful words, and your honesty are inspiring on so many levels. xo

  8. I am glad you have so much support. How much more difficult this would be without it. We will continue to listen and to pray for you and your family.

    That is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I am so glad you have a strong support system of all different types. I know it is hard to know what to say to someone in your position. I have fears of bothering you but then I think maybe right now you need to be bothered...so I am going to keep emailing you and letting you know I am thinking of you. If I was in your shoes I think the hardest times might be the really quite times. All of us people caring for you and praying for you might just be what you need most!


  10. I experienced much the same when I lost my son last year. I was amazed that people I had never met would show so much compassion and caring. I suppose we all feel that we "know" you through your words, though. It was always obvious that you and your husband had a deep love and a wonderful relationship. People always wish they could "do" something. Just being there and listening is sometimes the best thing.

  11. Here from Unknown Mami...just to say I'm thinking of you and your family. There are no words but just know I'm thinking of you and sending you a giant hug.

  12. We know it is not enough, but we are all still out here in cyber world grieving with you.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog: http://nycshare.blogspot.com/2010/08/cherry-on-top-award_25.html.

  14. What a beautiful tribute.
    The poem and the photographs are lovely too.


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