Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe, NYC and Lemon Gnocchi

I spent a wonderful day in New York City on Saturday. Surrounded by friends, I had lunch out and caught a great show starring Daniel Radcliffe ( of Harry Potter fame).

After the show we meandered about the city until finding a good Irish Pub for dinner.

Refreshed, we scrambled to make the train home and once home finished the day with late night snacks, cocktails and some laughter.

What would I do without the women friends in my life who continue to hold me up, scoot me along, hug me when necessary, recount good memories, discount the bad and generally remind me to keep breathing. All of this and a beautiful spring day.

Speaking of spring, it has been almost one year to the day since I last made this recipe: Gnocchi with Lemon Ricotta and Fresh Spring Peas.  Well I happened into my favorite small grocery store today and lo and behold they had the first batch of beautiful fresh English Peas.

Tonight is my night to cook for my women's dinner group and I'm going to make the Gnocchi, I may pronounce it No-Key in honor of TBHITW. More memories, good food and wonderful women to remind me of all life's blessings.

Bon Appetite and Happy Spring.

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