Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nothing To Add...

This post is from my brother-in-law's blog,

I have nothing to add but tears for the pain this beautiful family is going through (and a great picture)

"Shane made it through the installment of his port with some discomfort and will start chemo on Wednesday morning 9:00a.m.  He actually smiled a few times and talked to  his sisters.  Grandma Waters and Grandpa and Grandma McVicar sat with a sleepy Shane for awhile.

  My house is divided tonight with me and the girls at home, and Dee and Shane at the hospital.  Not a good feeling for sure.  But even at these low points I feel connected with them.  My son will have his mother by his side tonight.  I can’t think of a more comforting feeling for Shane then that.  I miss them deeply.

  That unwelcomed stranger came out of the shadows today, breathing down my neck.   But knowing Dee is where she has to be and me home with the girls makes that stranger cringe.  Teamskelcy is together, even when we are apart.  We feel the team growing everyday.  The prayers, hugs, and smiles are bonding this cause together.  This might be hard, but togetherness will make it work. Tonight  two sweet angels sleep peacefully at home with their dad.  Another angel sleeps by his mother’s side feeling safe and loved.  But everyone is together in their dreams.  Sleep well tonight world.  The fight has just begun."

This is Shane and his sisters, Allyson (alley-cat) and Kaitlyn (katy-did) - the very handsome runner in the background is their dad, Mark #1556, in the dark blue shirt. He and Dee (and the kids) are quite the runners. Mark and Dee will be running in the NYC Marathon this fall. To see how you can help - go to their blog, The Best Husband In The World and I will have the pleasure and privilege of having everyone stay at our home for the big event! Go TeamSkelcy! 

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