Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tagged for a Blogger Award - wow.

Just when I thought my day was crap, I came home and found that I was given this award by a fellow blogger. Wow. Tamis, over at A Day In the Life  http://themarks5.blogspot.com gave it to me. 

Honestly, I am flattered. I am flattered that anyone reads my musings. I am even more flattered when people take the time to comment on one of my postings and I am flatter - gasted that anyone would give me an award. Now I know what Angelina Jolie feels like at the Oscars! 

As I understand it, the award does not come free. I have to share ten things about myself that perhaps dear readers you did not know. Hmm... 


1. I came to cooking as a profession late in life. (oh my, I am now late in life)
2. The first 30 years of my working life I spent as a professional with an office in the sky. The last 6 as a Vice President at a major world wide bank (think economic downturn folks)
3. I say I am retired but I'm mostly just tired. 
4. Sometimes I worry that it's not PMS - it's just my personality.
5. I prefer white wine over red but in a pinch will suffer through a bottle (or 2) of red.
6. I truly believe that my husband is my soul mate even though I am really mad at him right now.
7. I am one of 6 children. #3 on the family totem pole
8. I have an office upstairs that I rarely use, I prefer to work in my kitchen, even when I'm not cooking.
9. Surprise (unless my GYN is reading this - no surprise there)  I'm not a natural red head. 
10. Sometimes I forget the actual dates of my children's birthdays, but am usually only off a day or two. 

Now, for the answers to the questions I think I was asked as part of the award:

1. What is your current obsession? Blogging
2. What item of clothing to you wear often? T-shirts, Birkenstocks and aprons (I collect them)
3. What's for dinner? Kobe Burgers. I had a cooking class today from 10am to 2pm and am stuffed so I'm going to make burgers for the family (with REAL home-made french fries) and freshly ground Kobe Beef - but I won't eat anything tonight. 
4. What do you wish you were listening to? Nothing. I like to work / type / cook in the quiet. Helps me think.
5. Say something to the one who tagged you. Tamis - I could never do what you do as a nurse / care provider. All the compassion you have in your heart is such a gift. Mother, wife, daughter, blogger, and blogger-friend. You Rock! 
6. Favorite Vacation Spot: tough one. I love to travel and I love to experience new cultures, nature, adventure, etc.. I guess I'd have to say besides any one of our National Parks, somewhere where English is not spoken - to force me to learn new things.
7. What I'm reading right now: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
8. Four words to describe myself: passionate, fun, complicated, loyal
9. What do you think you will feel about your life when all is said and done? I hope I feel that I did my best, didn't intentionally hurt anyone along the way and never stopped learning or trying. 
10. What do you look forward to? Peace. For everyone. 

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  1. That is so cool, I think I even like you more now than I did before. I too love aprons, the older the better! Sometimes my PMS lasts a little longer then it should...personality you say? I think not! We are just fine.

    What could TBHITW do that has you so mad? Uh-oh, pour yourself some old yeller or whatever that stuff was called...you will feel better in no time. Either that or you will be even more mad at him...

    Have a great day!


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