Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Yeller In The Cellar and Chinese Takeout

A couple of weeks ago the best husband in the world went to Michigan. You may remember, our 10 year old nephew had a cancerous tumor removed and TBHITW went to be with his family. 

Well it seems one night TBHITW and his brother were up late talking and his brother offered him a cocktail. Only because they are manly men they didn't call it a cocktail, they called it a drink. Anyway... the cocktail / drink they were having was this concoction that his brother had made in his garage. Yes, you read that right. Seems he took two big cans of chunk pineapple and one ginormous bottle of vodka and mixed them together and let it ferment for a good two weeks in his garage. The idea being that after two good weeks, you pour out the yellow vodka over ice and you have pineapple vodka. 

Apparently this is pretty good stuff because when TBHITW got home he suggested we make it too. So off I went to the restaurant grocery store that I shop at and got two industrial size cans of chunk pineapple (in its own juice) and a big old bottle of vodka. His brother said to use cheap vodka but I am not a cheap vodka kind of girl, so I got Absolute. Then I went to the Home Goods store and bought a fancy glass urn with a golden spigot on it. When I got home, I did like the best husband in the world told me and drained off the pineapple juice (I saved that for breakfast drinking and smoothie making), dropped all those pineapple chunks into the fancy glass urn and poured the NOT cheap vodka over. 

The golden spigot on the fancy glass urn began leaking immediately. So I put all that stuff into a big rooster pitcher and went back to the store, but they were clean out of fancy glass urns with golden spigots so I bought a five gallon thermos. It is red and it the kind of thermos you take fishing, or camping, or to a soccer game or some such activity that requires copious amounts of fluid. 

I varied from the original recipe in that I did not put our yellow vodka in the garage. That would just be too nasty because our garage is full of dirty things like garden tools, power tools and a robin who built a nest on a ladder and would attack any of us if we ventured in there. I put our yellow/pineapple vodka in the cellar, the wine cellar to be exact, which is a lovely place and is a joy to visit. 

So now it has been two weeks of fermenting this yellow vodka which I have come to affectionately call Old Yeller in the Cellar . It is drinkingtasting day! 

Which leads us to why we are having Chinese Takeout for dinner. Something tells me that after a couple of glasses of Old Yeller In The Cellar, I should not be around sharp knives or open flames. 

In case you found this hard to follow, here is the recipe:

Old Yeller In The Cellar

2 large, industrial size cans of chunk pineapple in its own juice (or 1,000 regular size, just kidding, about 10 regular) drained of juice.
1 large bottle vodka (its up to you whether you want to use the cheap stuff, I am not the judge of you)
1 large thermos or fancy glass urn with a non-drip spigot

Put it all together, wait two weeks. Serve over ice and order delivery for dinner. 

Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Oh Yum! I think I might be all over that idea...the Chinese sounds great too. Thanks to TBHITW and TBHITWB for sharing the recipe with the rest of the world.


  2. oh, I already thanked TBHITW - that's how I get with a couple of cocktails in me; but I'm sure he won't mind being thanked again. ;-)


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