Friday, May 1, 2009

And I'm Off!

I'm all packed and just have to load the car. I am an awesome (clothes) packer if I must say so myself. It comes from years and years of business travel. I can pack a carry on with enough clothes, toiletries and accessories to last a week. You already know that my purse holds enough peripheral items for a family of five to survive a month.

The food stuff is another issue entirely. Oh my - from my previous posts you know I'm responsible for Saturday night dinner. So there's the food ingredients. Check - in the cooler. Then there's the non-cooler items. Check, in two grocery bags (green bags thank you very much). Wine, two magnums, check - in the wine carry. Then there is the "other stuff". The other stuff is the problem.

Remember, I'm a cook. I have tools like any other craftsman. Like any craftsman I also have my favorite tools. So I am packing:

My apron
My knives
My roasting pan with rack
My whisks
My peeler
My zester
My strainer
My All Clad Saucepan (for the sauce)
My rimmed cookie sheet (for the roast carrots)
My All Clad Saute pan (for the potatoes)
My cutting boards
My hot pads
My dish towels
My cooking clogs (yes, I have special shoes)
My recipes plus 8 copies for the women of wine weekend (no H in wine)
My camera

I could also use my tongs, my bread basket, my butter crock, my laptop - but I am exercising restraint and good sense. :-)

Have a happy weekend and I'll "speak" with you all on Monday!

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