Thursday, October 29, 2009

Specialty Food News Time - Oct. 2009

It's that time of month again... news from the food industry. I am greatly encouraged by the first three articles regarding the purchase of healthier foods, less processed, cleaner foods and locally grown products! Whoo-hoo America!

About 60% of consumers are willing to pay 10% more for food products that promise to be healthier, safer or produced to higher ethical standards, and 12% of consumers would pay more than 10% for such products, according to a report by Context Marketing. Full Story

There was a 64.7% increase in new products using the words "simple" or "simply" in the product or brand name from 2005 to 2008, according to Datamonitor. Companies that offer products with the fewest number of ingredients stand to garner gains in 2010, stated Lynn Dornblaser, trends analyst at Mintel. Mintel tracked decreases this year in the average number of ingredients in 19 product categories, including dairy products and processed meats, reported USA Today. Full Story

Some 32% of adults often or always purchase locally grown products or seek out and are willing to pay more for "green" products, according to The Harris Poll. However, just 2% seek out and buy green products if they have to pay significantly more for them and only 3% claim cost does not matter, reported Convenience Store News. Full Story

For Immediate Release: News from the Specialty Food Trade
Matthew Cox from Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Portland, Ore., has done what no American has done before - he has claimed the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and won the title of World Porridge Making Champion at the 16th Annual '" Golden Spurtle " World Porridge Making Championships in Scotland. Full Release Photo

Bond Laboratories, Inc. added Bill Reed Distributing LLC to its distribution network for Fusion Premium Beverages, opening distribution throughout Abilene, TX and the 12 surrounding counties. Full Story

Almost eight in 10 shoppers report looking for products on sale and comparing prices between brand name and store brands when buying groceries, according to The Checkout, a survey from Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research. About 37% of consumers believe name brands are more reliable and 39% believe name brands are better quality products. Approximately 84% think brand names are more expensive. Study participants stated that Kroger, Target and Walmart carry the best selection of private label brands and that they are most likely to buy Kraft and Coca-Cola brands over private label options. Full Story

For Immediate Release: News from the Specialty Food Trade
Under a new licensing agreement, Mellace Family Brands, a snack food producer based in Carlsbad, Calif., is partnering with Cinnabon to create a line of snacks combining Mama Mellace's kettle roasted nuts with Cinnabon's signature Makara Cinnamon. Full Release

Hardy Bottling Co. formed a contract with Apple Rush Co. Inc. to produce its Apple Rush cans for sales east of the Rocky Mountains and in the Southeast and Southwest U.S. Apple Rush produces organic 100% juice sparkling beverages and markets its products through nearly 40 distributors throughout the U.S. and in foreign markets, reported Memphis Business Journal. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Some 86% of consumers stopped doing business with an organization after a bad customer experience, up 27% from four years ago, according to the fourth annual Customer Experience Impact Report, a Harris Interactive study sponsored by RightNow. About 82% of consumers indicated they would tell others about a bad experience, up from 67% in 2006. Many consumers that had a bad experience shared their experience online by posting a negative customer review on the company's website (23%), Facebook (7%), or a blog (6%). Full Story

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  1. You really are the Food Guru!

    BTW- I had no idea you went through IVF!!! Wanna go through it again? Kidding!

  2. Interesting stuff! I shop for value- sometimes extra cost can be justified.. cheaper is not always the best value, and name brand does mean higher quality.

  3. Thanks for the info. I could see myself in there quite a few times - I'll pay more for local, green, or for less ingredients, I will not go back to the same place after a bad experience, and I am so happy for Bob's Red Mill. They have a great store and restaurant in Portland, OR, and we plan on stocking up when we drive there for the holidays in December.

  4. I like to buy local organic ingredients and don't mind paying extra for the difference in quality and taste. Healthier, too. Interesting post!

  5. Jeve - I try to keep up on everything food... so far as IVF - anyone who goes through this for another couple has an automatic place in heaven.

    Buffalo - there's an old saying among the culinary crowd: Great technique will never replace great quality.

    Nancy - I know we are like minded on the issue of local, green and less processed food stuffs. You are sooo lucky to live near a Bob's Red Mill store AND restaurant!

    Marguerite: I always feel blessed that I can afford to buy quality ingredients...


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