Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Give Away!!

Most of you know that The Best Husband In The World and I spent a long weekend visiting Shelburne Falls and Ashfield Massachusetts a few weeks back.

We spent our time admiring the sites, enjoying the local bistro fare, browsing an art gallery (or two) and for me, the highlight of the weekend was spending a day at New England Cheesemaking, taking a workshop in, well, cheesemaking.

While there I also took advantage of stocking up on some cheesemaking supplies. I bought a cheddar form, a new dairy thermometer and a Yogotherm or, as New England Cheesemaking calls it in their catalog, the Gourmet Home Dairy Kit. I happily carted all my supplies home with me, thereby saving shipping fees.

In case you don't know what a Yogotherm is, it is a thermos that requires no outside power, that you use to make a variety of different cheeses as well as yogurt.

Now if you've been following my blog for any time you know I like to substitute yogurt, especially Greek Style yogurt, in many of my recipes that call for sour cream or buttermilk. Using store bought milk and the Yogotherm, I can now make my own.

As well as:

Fromage Blank
Sour Cream
Creme Fraiche
Queso Blanco
Cream Cheese
Herb Cheeses
and other varieties.. the kit includes enough enzymes (and instructions) for making over 70 pounds of cheeses!

Imagine my surprise when I opened my door to find this in the mail:

Seems New England Cheesemaking had shipped me another Gourmet Home Dairy Kit. Being a good, honest Good Cook I immediately rang up Customer Service and explained their mistake. Being the good New England Cheesemaking company that they are, they acknowledged their mistake and told me to keep it - with their best regards.

To celebrate Autumn and my good luck, I am passing this extra Gourmet Home Dairy Kit (yogotherm) on to you, one of my lucky readers.

TBHITW wanted me to run a contest and have you answer two questions.

Did I mention that TBHITW bears an uncanny resemblance to this guy from The Big Bang Theory television sitcom?

Sheldon Cooper, PhD. The Big Bang Theory
The Best Husband In The World, P.G., REA - My house.
TBHITW: I know, make it a contest - to win someone has to answer these two questions correctly, 1. What is the origin of yogurt AND what is the composition and outstanding features of that country's primary Geologic Terrain?

Me: Uh. No.

To win the Yogotherm and enough goodies to make 70 pounds of various soft cheeses:

1. You must be a follower (shameless plug to get more followers and feed my need for attention)

2. Write a comment in this post's comment field telling me why you like yogurt or why you'd like to make yogurt or really, why anything...

Each comment will be placed in a pumpkin head and the winner will be drawn by my nephew, Shane, on the morning of November 1st. (midnight 10/31 is too late to stay up until)

So, hurry up. You have until Midnight, October 31st, 2009 to comment and be entered to win. Forward this post on to your friends, have them sign up as a follower and leave a comment for their chance to win.


One Prize - Yogotherm as pictured
Deadline: Midnight, October 31, 2009
Eligible: All current and new followers of
Entry: comment left on this post
Winner: Randomly drawn from Pumpkin Head on November 1st.
Notification of Winner: Will be notified by a post on November 1st. Shipping costs for mailing the Yogotherm will be paid for by The Good Cook.

I hope that covers it. Thank you to New England Cheesemaking for a great day of cheesemaking AND for supplying The Gourmet Home Dairy Kit!

Sound like fun? Comment below.


  1. Yippee - I am the first to comment - that should be good for 2 entries into the pumpkin head! I like yogurt because it is good for me - well that is not really why I like yogurt - that is why I eat yogurt - I guess there is a difference. I hope I win - then you can teach me in person how to make yogurt! BTW I have to comment as "Anonymous" because my account name is not working - gotta love technology.
    Your sister, Mary

  2. Family members should have to answer TBHITW's two questions. But fair is fair. You have one entry in the "Great Yogotherm Giveaway 2009".

  3. YAH a contest. I love games almost as much as I love CHEESE. I am really enjoying your blog!

  4. Even to Europe? ;o)

    I believe the answer is Turkey (or whatever the region would have been called a couple thousand years ago), but the only distinct geological feature I can think of (other than the Bosphorous and it being the meeting point of the Black and Mediterranean Seas -the first was a freshwater lake in the Ice Ages) are the abundance of earthquakes!.

    And I love yoghurt! Natural mixed with honey or some kind of jam... or mix it in with my morning fruitshake!
    My godparents in Mexico had one of these things (I think so, it looks similar) and it made delicious yoghurt! If I remember correctly you start off with milk and a teaspoon of yoghurt for the lactobacillus (best if stuff you've already made, but can start off with store-bought) and then it's basically a "Baño Maria" process.

    That enough of a comment to qualify as an entry? ;o)

  5. Marci - Glad you are enjoying my blog - tell your friends!

    CrazyCris - OMG - you and TBHITW just have to meet!!! Yes, I'll ship to Europe if you win. How could I not after that answer? Oh - maybe I should hand deliver to the winner?!!!

  6. I cannot wait to read the answers. SInce I won last time I will not play or people would start to thing it was rigged!

    I love Greek honey yogurt, I swear it is as good as ice cream, nearly as many calories I suspect as well. DARN!

    The Big Bang Theory-One of my favorite shows. I set my DVR and enjoy their entire Monday night lineup, commercial free. Sheldon truely is the highlight of that show, how lucky you have your own. Although TBHITW looks a lot funner!

  7. Tamis - sorry - you commented, you are in! I make Greek Style Yogurt with skim milk and I swear it is every bit as good as the full fatted ones.

    Big Bang Theory of course is one of our favorites - like you, we DVR it and I'm not kidding when I tell you TBHITW is very much like Sheldon - but of course funner!!!

  8. I like yogurt because it's yummy, healthy, and creamy! My favorite is vanilla frozen yogurt, with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top. :)

  9. That's awesome! What a nice 'mistake' they made!

    Yogurt....I eat vanilla yogurt every day with bare naked brand granola mixed in...mmmm

    I already follow!

  10. I know I would never use the kit, so I'll stay out of the drawing> I haven't made my own yogurt in 30 years. Best it goes to someone who will make good use of it. But I find it fascinating! Please keep us updated on your cheese making. And your husband is adorable. He reminds me of mine.

  11. Marguerite - frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce works for me!

    Yaya - I love Bare Naked brand granola - the vanilla / almond is my fav!

    Nancy - don't you want an entry for one of your daughters? I think TBHITW is pretty adorable too - seems we have a lot in common - even cute husbands!

  12. I love Sheldon on the big bang theory,

  13. I live with A Sheldon ... life is good!

  14. Well, It is lovely you are doing this.

    1. Turkey
    2.Turkey's varied landscapes are the product of a wide variety of tectonic processes that have shaped Anatolia over millions of years and continue today as evidenced by frequent earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions.
    (i kinda copied that, does that count?)
    I eat yogurt to keep my insided balanced and to get calcium. I eat it at least once a day, and sometimes two. And that is the truth (in my best Edith Ann Voice):)

  15. Lisa E - wow. That is the best answer. TBHITW says to tell you that you are absolutely right - even though it's not a contest... stay tuned for Nov. 1st.!!!

  16. Hi,

    First-time poster here (found you via Dr. Grumpy), and yes, your "shameless plug" worked. ;)

    I love yogurt! I have trouble with most dairy, but can handle yogurt, so I eat it a couple times a day. I like the plain kind best - such a nice tangy flavor, and it's very healthy. I'm interested in making my own, but I'm a little too intimidated to try it, so the machine would be great!

    Also, I love the Big Bang Theory. It makes Monday the best day of the week. :)

  17. Hi,

    First time poster. Love the blog!!

    Yogurt is in my mind the perfect food. I eat it for breakfast everyday.. Up here in the Northwest we have amazing yogurt from a family-run company called "Nancy's yogurt". By far the best stuff I've ever tasted.

    But I'd love to try and make my own...

  18. Ikguge - Welcome and Good Luck winning the Yogotherm!! Yum.. Nancy's yogurt, I'll have to look for this brand and give a taste.


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