Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Day for Autumn Giveaway!!

Comment by today at midnight EST on Autumn Giveaway Post for a chance to win a Yogotherm from New England Cheesemaking, complete with enough enzymes to make 70 pounds of soft cheeses.

For complete post and official rules:

Check back Sunday for winner!!!


  1. Wow...don't think I could manage making my own cheese...I've made yoghurt...but cheese? Wow!!! Just wanted to stop by and say, "hello!" And to see what you are up to this's dinnertime here, and I'm looking to pick your brain ;-)... LOL Love you much!!!! Janine OX

  2. Sniffles - oh no, I read this too late to give you some dinner thoughts. It's trick or treat night so we just traditionally order pizza! Happy Halloween!!

  3. cheese??? I want to win... I will have Tamis make it and share with us!!! If it is not to late.. enter me :)

    PS.. we have made your Taco Stoup 3-4 times, and the recipe is going around my office, everyone loves it! As I talked with some friend's about it my manager asked for the recipe!

  4. Jan - consider yourself entered!! So glad you like the Taco Stoup - it's standard fare around here too. And good for you!


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