Monday, October 12, 2009

An Important Public Service Announcement

Are any of you familiar with American Girl Dolls?

These pricey 18 inch dolls have been around for years. My 17 year old daughter has one and she (the doll) still commands a special space up on her doll shelf.

The dolls come complete with a "back" story about their life. They are all very positive stories where the doll has to overcome some obstacle in her life...

Well the geniuses at Mattel have come up with a new American Girl Doll. Her name is Gwen and her "back" story is that she and her mom are homeless. Seems like her pathetic looser of a dad walked out on them. I kid you not. Gwen and her mom have to sleep in cars.

I can't do justice to this story - so for the whole low down, go to Clark Kents Lunchbox by Ron Mattocks. Read Ron's eloquent letter to Mattel CEO Robert Eckert.

If you feel just as outraged as Ron, myself and thousand's of other parents regarding this new doll let Mattel and Mr. Eckert know by showing them the true power of the consumer this holiday season. Hit them at the cash register and just say no to American Girl Dolls and accessories.

The Good Cook


  1. We went through the American Doll phase, and I still have her all the accessories stored away. I don't know what to think of the new doll. Certainly they are meant for the girls to relate to trial and tribulation, but I'm thinking the little girl who might relate to a homeless doll could not afford to buy one. But that has always been true. I do know that I am very concerned with the amount of families on the streets these days. More than we know. If you were anywhere near the edge when this debacle started, chances are you've gone over by now.

    I haven't liked the Amercian Girl doll since they sold out to Mattel. It just wasn't the same. Cheaper. The clothes didn't have that wonderful quality, they once did. Too bad.

    I'm off to read Ron's take.

  2. Nancy - Ron is much more eloquent than I in pointing out the social ramifications of such a doll. Dead Beat Father? How degrading to men who through no fault of their own now find themselves unable to provide for their families.. and how about women as victim? Oh, the father leaves and we can't some how manage on our own? Not to mention the $95.00 price tag of the doll and NO proceeds are going to help the homeless... any way, that's my social commentary for the day. It's just sad news all around and I think really poor judgement on the part of Mattel.

    Yaya - you can't make this stuff up! BTW - happy birthday!!!

  3. Wow. I'm astonished. I don't have an American Doll as my daughter is of an age where the packaging is as exciting as the object inside. After reading Ron's take I can say American Doll's won't be a future purchase.
    It seems that Mattel would do well to have someone like Ron on their product design board or marketing team. His suggestions have a great deal of merit.

  4. Crazy, whoever came up with that idea should be fired. I agree in ways to bring attention to people that have it harder due to circumstances beyond their control. But why villianize and create a back story like that?

    No, my daughter will not own any American Girl dolls this year.

  5. I never understood why anyone bought dolls- from Barbie to G.I Joe, I don't like when anyone takes advantage of the public opnion or feelings to make a buck...

  6. Thanks so much for putting this out there. It's greatly appreciated.

  7. Whitney - thanks for reading Ron's post.

    Tamis - it is crazy isn't it? You just can't make this sh*t up - and I was in Marketing for 30 years!!! Even my crazy division would not have come up with this.

    Buffalo - dolls are awesome for little girls, but with this one Mattel has gone way over the line.

    CK - no problem. You wrote good stuff.


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