Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grand Littles and Pork Tenderloin and Applesauce

I've been absent for a few days.

I was on a mission.

My mission was to care for my two grand littles for two whole days while their mommy and daddy went to work.

Now I know from experience that a 3 year old and a 2 year old can be exhausting. But hard? Please, I am a woman of experience. I am a woman of years. I am a woman of reason. And I have managed to raise a few littles of my own while keeping plastic bags off heads and running with scissors to a minimum. As far as I know all of my littles have reached kidadulthood with fingers, toes and limbs intact.

Here are my two little darlings on our first morning together. They are having a lovely breakfast of orange juice, dippy eggs and sausages that I prepared for them. It is 6:00 am.

Is God even awake at 6:00 am? Never mind, the littles were hungry and I was up to the task of feeding them.

Later that day the little angels demonstrated their superior art skills for me.

Oh what a wonderful day. We went to the park, visited my parents and had a picnic lunch. A refreshing three hour nap later and we all began preparing dinner for mommy and daddy.

I ended the evening by meeting up with old friends for a cocktail. By the time I arrived back at the littles' house, everyone was tucked in bed and sound asleep.

Until 2:00 am. And 3:00 am. And 5:00 am.

And of course everyone was up by 6:00 am.

Apparently the peaceful ease of my first day "on the job" was a tactic littles use to lull their prey into a false sense of superiority.

The second day:

6:00 am - everyone is awake and in the kitchen.

6:30 am - Mommy and Daddy leave for work.

6:35 am - Little #1 informs me she must go potty.

6:40 am - Little #1 tells me she needs privacy in the bathroom and asks that little #2 be removed.

Little #2 does not want to leave the potty room. Little #1 screeches at a never before heard by human ears decibel rating that SHE NEEDS PRIVACY.

I turn my back for one minute and little#2 begins to cry. She is clutching her arm in pain. This is the conversation that ensues:

Me: Little #1 - did you hit your sister?
Little #1 - no, I bit her
Little #2 - wailing at top of HER lungs
Me: (picking up #2, and carrying out of bathroom) Don't you dare bite your sister!

As I stepped over the threshold of the bathroom I heard the most sickening sound of all. The door slammed and a soft click of the door lock followed. Little #1 had shut the door and locked us out.

Me: #1, you unlock this door this instant.
Me: #1, can you hear me?
Me: #1, this is Nani - you come out right now.
Me: #1, do you want me to call your daddy and have him come home?
By now I am frantically trying to remember if my daughter-in-law has any chemicals or toxins stored under the bathroom sink that #1 may have gotten in to. I am also looking for something, anything, to stick in the little hole in the doorknob to somehow unlock the door.

Me: #1, can you hear me? Little #2 has stopped crying and is watching me with amusement. It is apparent she has witnessed this little scene before.

7:00 am: #1 has been locked up for 20 minutes. Okay, no time to panic. I am an adult. I am experienced. I am Super Nani... THINK! I cannot call my son and DIL in a panic... can I call the fire department in a panic? Will the FD keep it confidential - I mean do my son and DIL have to know about this little incident?

I decide to try a little psychology (pun intended)

Me: #2, let's go play. Just leave #1 by herself, you and Nani will have so much fun. (said while pretending to walk away from bathroom door)


I force myself to wait for a full 3 minutes all the while with my ear pressed to the door.

Me: #1 I've had enough. If you don't come out right now Nani will not take you to your dance lesson.

I hear a a very slight rustling, a turn of a lock and the door swings open.

Little#1: Okay, I'm ready.
Little#2: Hi #1 (giggling)


The rest of day went fine but I will never underestimate the power of a little again. At 6:30 pm I head out the door for the long, peaceful drive home.

I slept like a log (not a little) last night.

And seriously, I can't wait until I can do it all over again!

A Cook's Notes: I'm still putting my house back together from the hardwood floor installation and the stair man is coming today to refinish the staircase. Tonight's dinner is a repeat of a previous post: Pork Tenderloin and Homemade Applesauce. Bon Appetite!


  1. That's such a cute story and your grand angels are adorable! Never underestimate the power of a grand little!

  2. They're like ninjas - stealthy and dangerous! Glad it all worked out in the end...

    And thanks for the sauce! I just got it over the weekend :)

  3. Marguerite, cuteness is their greatest weapon! I will never underestimate them again!

    Kathy B - yes, you are right, they are like ninjas only I would bet on the littles over the ninjas anytime. Glad you got the sauce!

  4. LOL! You made it! My mom is the first to say that you FORGET how much work they are once your kids are grown and independent.

    They are SO CUTE though! :)

  5. You lived through that? I am impressed.

  6. Jen, your mom is right!

    Badass, perseverance in all things. You and The Boss are young. You will get your chance!

  7. Mine are more recently that age group then yours and that idea still scares me of taking care of 2 littles for an entire day. You have earned a halo!

  8. Your littles are so cute. What sweet little faces!


  9. Couple of cuties! I think Gramma likes them alot!

  10. Tamis, I'll take Mike Tyson in a dark alley anytime! They were fun though and I got my share of spoiling in.

    JenJen - don't let the cute faces lull you into a false sense of security. These girls know how to work it.

    Buffalo - you are right. They own my heart.

  11. hi...
    ur grand little is so cute...
    good day..^^

  12. That little in her dance outfit is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  13. Oh my gosh..they are so smart..when they are soooo little. Cute little devils!

  14. Oh my GOSH! They are so adorable... I hope God blesses me with little girls... :)


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