Monday, September 28, 2009

A Father, A Son and Bolognese Sauce

This is my brother-in-law Mark and his son Shane.

Shane just finished with his first week of radiation.

It's been a long summer.

Some of you who have been following my blog for awhile will remember that Shane was diagnosed with cancer in the spring.

Surgery to remove a tumor.

Followed by chemotherapy.

Followed by more surgery.

Followed by radiation.

Just like the summer has ended, we are hoping that the therapy portion of his cancer is now over and the healing has begun.

Mark, Shane, his mom Dee and sisters are coming here at the end of the month. Mark and Dee are running the New York Marathon. Through their running and training they have so far raised $12,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research.

We will all be at the finish line in New York City to cheer Mark and Dee as they finish the race. We will also be cheering for Shane as he symbolically finishes his victorious race against cancer.

Go Team.

Runners carbo load before a big race. I plan on making this dish the day or so before.

A Cook's Notes: This sauce is best cooked low and slow. If you have a crock pot, definitely use it for this recipe. The tantalizing aroma coming from your kitchen will have everyone running for a fork!! Serve it with a simple green salad and lots of hot bread.


  1. Good thoughts coming your way for your precious family. I hope all turns out well for your nephew. They will be well fed at your table!

  2. Bless your nephew. This just breaks my heart. I hope your food is what keeps hom strong as he journeys to good health.

  3. What a tough kid. Best of luck to him with his continuing treatment.

    And those t-shirts are awesome.

  4. Kathy - Shane's courage in the face of this disease has fed all of our spirits. The least I can do is feed their faces!

    Kathy B - thanks for the blessings.

    Badass - he is one tough cookie! The T-Shirts were designed by a fabulous friend of mine - a graphic artist. They rock!

  5. I hope his marathon is almost over and a cure is in sight for sweet Shane!

    I made the mistake of reading your blog today before I ate anything, now I am hungry for everything I see here!

  6. I hope the best for your family. Cancer is a very horrible thing to go through, especially for one as young as Shane.

    His family is being so supportive and strong, and that is beautiful. :)

  7. Tamis - we are praying!!

    Phoebe - thank you for your good thoughts. My husband's family is amazing!


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