Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Story - and No Guilt Chicken Wraps

I am busy today.
Busy with laundry.
Busy with food shopping.
Busy with the dog.
Busy with this old house of mine.
It is amazing that just two days away from home can produce a week of work in the home.

I don't have an amusing anecdote for laundry, shopping, dogs or old homes today.

But I do have a really good, low calorie lunch for everyone.

No Guilt Chicken Wraps: makes 8 "wraps" enough for two people

One (1/2) boneless, skinless chicken breast cooked (I just make an extra breast when I make chicken for dinner)
One head Boston Lettuce
1/2 cup reduced calorie shredded cheddar cheese
Alfalfa sprouts (about 1 cup)
Honey Dijon Dressing (or Ranch or your favorite dressing)

Gently pull off big leaves of Boston Lettuce from the main head. Rinse and pat dry.
Lay the leaves out in front of you.
Slice the chicken breast into 8 slices
Lay the chicken slice on the lettuce leaf. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon shredded cheese.
Drizzle with some Honey Dijon Dressing (or Ranch, or your favorite)
Top with 1/8 cup (a nice big pinch) alfalfa sprouts

Roll up and eat.

A Cook's Notes: This is a great use for leftover chicken or turkey and they make great "no-bread" sandwiches for your kids' lunches. A teenage girl favorite!


  1. I'm trying to avoid excess pregnancy weight gain so I appreciate something low calorie and yummy! Not that that's stopped me from saving several of your other recipes...:)

  2. Oh that sounds sooooo good.

  3. Whitney Lee: Oh, how exciting - a new baby! I now will consider it my duty to post more pregnancy friendly recipes!!!

    Yaya - it is and it's surprisingly filling!

  4. yummy! and easy too!

    We smoked a pulled pork last week and I made my "fabulous" if I do not say so myself coleslaw. I was stunned at how good it tasted wrapped in a warm tortilla with a little cheese a couple days later as left overs. Tortillas make everything a little better I believe!

  5. This one is brilliant. I love alfalfa sprouts, but never eat them.

  6. I could sub the chicken with tofu. :) I love sprouts.


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