Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Specialty Food News Time

Here's the latest update from the food industry. I am particularly interested in the first article regarding the increase in sales of potato chips and other salty snacks.

Do you think it is in direct correlation to the economy? More people staying at home? Eating at home? Entertaining at home? What do you think? Have you changed your eating out or entertaining style in the past year or so?

And what about the second article? Are you cutting back on purchasing Halloween candy this year?

And boy do I wish I had a French Meadow Bakery near me.. going to have to explore their site and search out some recipes... Is anyone familiar with this bakery? Tried any of their nonflour items?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The potato chip market grew 22% during the economic downturn, according to a report from Mintel. In addition, other salty snacks experienced recession-fueled sales jumps. The tortilla chip market increased by 18% since 2007, while smaller segments like popcorn and cheese snacks saw similar gains (17% and 20%, respectively). Over the next five years, potato chip sales are expected to rise just above 3% annually, while tortilla chip sales should increase just above 4%. Full Story

About 46.5% of consumers will buy less Halloween candy this year, according to the National Retail Federation's 2009 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey conducted by BIGresearch. The average consumer plans to spend an average of $17.99 on candy. Altogether, consumers are expected to spend an average of $56.31 each on Halloween, down from $66.54 last year. Full Story

Sunflower Farmers Market is growing produce on its own Longmont, CO-area farm. The 40-acre farm will supply, at most, about 5% of the produce Sunflower requires at its 27 stores. Chief executive Mike Gilliland sees the farm as a way to increase customer awareness of organic production and as a forum for special events and marketing campaigns, reported The Denver Post.Full Story

For Immediate Release: News from the Specialty Food Trade
French Meadow Bakery, Minneapolis, introduces a new line of five whole grain sprouted breads and bagels, 100 percent flourless and made with six all-natural grains and legumes. Full Release

Maple syrup is increasingly being featured in food offerings, adding an extra dimension of flavor as well as a sense of wholesomeness, comfort and luxury, according to Nation's Restaurant News. Maple is found on 20% more menus this year than two years ago, noted research firm Datassential, which tracks close to 2,000 menus. For example, Santa Monica, CA-based Huckleberry offers maple bacon biscuits. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Restaurant chains are exploring opportunities in breakfast catering to help them recoup revenues lost as businesses cut back on lunch spending. For instance, Salsarita's Fresh Cantina made a breakfast-catering program available to its entire 80-unit system in August. Bruegger's Enterprises Inc. plans to test breakfast catering this fall in its Minnesota market. Camille's Sidewalk Cafe recently enhanced its 12-year-old breakfast-catering program by giving it a more healthful spin, reported Nation's Restaurant News. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. entered into an agreement with Folsom Distributing to distribute drank in the St. Louis metropolitan area and outlying areas. Full Story

For Immediate Release: News from the Specialty Food Trade
ANCO Fine Cheese, Fairfield, N.J., is now the exclusive U. S. importer of three widely-acclaimed British cheese brands: Wensleydale Creamery, Belton Farm and Quenby Hall. Full Release

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. is shipping SUSTA Natural Sweetener to distributor Bozzuto's Inc. Full Story

Minnesota-based O'Neil Creek Winery makes specialty fruit wines from rhubarb, dandelions, pumpkins and strawberries, according to TwinCities.com. Full Story (Free Registration Required)

The Los Angeles Times profiles Lomo Arigato, a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavors sold out of a converted FedEx truck driven, staffed and cooked by Eric Nakata, who spent two years training as a sushi chef. The centerpiece of the menu is saltado, a staple of Peruvian cooking that includes a choice of beef, chicken or tofu stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and French fries in a sauce made with soy and red wine. Spaghetti is also offered instead of French fries or fried rice, and every meal comes with a side of jalapeno hot sauce. Full Story (Free Registration Required)


  1. I would imagine a great deal of the potato chip sales come from people staying at home to eat and entertain. We've changed things a bit around here but that comes more from having a toddler and my husband being in a couple of bands. Actually, we eat healthier than we did...

  2. Very interesting...are they raising the price of Top Ramen too? That's when we're in real trouble.

  3. All very interesting articles. Despite the economy, Lafayette still supports over 300 restaurants! Some people may have cut out a lunch, here and there, but the restaurants are still packed to the gills, here.

  4. Whitney, toddlers and children in general do seem to affect our lifestyles don't they? I remember the first time I went out to eat after the kids were born and there wasn't a kid's menu! Whoopee!!!

    Jeve - then we would be in trouble!

    Marguerite - here too the restaurants are packed. We have many small upscale bistros, lots of BYOB's... but just about every night every table is full.

  5. The gal that gives me pedicures recently told me they are busier then ever. She attributes it to less people taking big expensive vacations and enjoying littler treats for themselves. Maybe the same thing gos for restaurants?

    I got my apron! LOVE IT! I wore it the other night just because, not because I needed to protect anything.

    Now, I have to go read all your other posts since I have been MIA for a while, cold & flu season at work is killing me!

  6. Over the past year, I have gone vegetarian, partially vegan, and buy a majority of my fruits and veggies at my local farmer's market.

    Potato chips... I'm thinking you're right about staying at home for movie nights instead of going out at a restaurant.

    That's crazy!

  7. Tamis, I have missed you!! Glad you got the apron. Don't disappear on us again!

    Phoebe - Good for you for buying local!! I just got back from Burningheart Farm with farm (grass fed, organic) raised chickens and a lamb. All the world of difference. PLUS I am helping our local farmers!

  8. I think the increase in salty food intake is in direct correlation to my eating habits. I may have single handedly caused that increase.

  9. I think people are turning to whatever comforts them. For some (including me) that would be some chips:)

  10. I think people are definitely staying home more and eating more junk! It's the convenience variation on comfort food.

  11. How interesting is that about the potato chip sales?!?!


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