Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mojitos and Spring

Yea! Today is a perfect spring day. 75 degrees, slight breeze, blue skies and sunshine. To celebrate spring and to honor the renewed talks of lifting restrictions to Cuba, I am going to make Mojitos.

Mojitos are my favorite spring and summertime drink. I first had one about 12 years ago at this great Cuban Restaurant in Key West, Florida. In recent years Mojitos have become a favorite everywhere and you can buy any number of premixed Mojito concoctions. I like to think I was on the cutting edge of Mojito Mania. I have tried several of the mixes out there and I'm here to tell you, while you can get away with it - don't serve a Cuban these abominations. Mojitos are easy to make and a homemade Mojito is something to savor. My recipe may not be the original Cuban Mojito straight from Havana but they are darn good.

Mojitos: (makes 4 to 6 Mojitos)

You will need:
Simple Syrup (the original Mojito uses Sugar Cane syrup but I am fresh out of Sugar Cane)
10 Limes
Club Soda
Mint Leaves

Simple Syrup:
One cup sugar, one cup water - boil until sugar dissolves. Keeps forever in the fridge. Today, I'm trying minted simple syrup - I added some torn mint leaves to the sugar and water, then strained them out when it was done. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Juice your limes. Keep them at room temperature and roll them on the counter giving gentle pressure with your palm while rolling - this will help extract the juice. If you have teenage boys in the house get them to do it. Tell them it will build their pecs. If you can get them to do this, juice 20 limes.

In a tall glass, place torn mint leaves 1/4 of the way up the glass (about 10 leaves). Muddle the mint around with the back of a spoon or an honest to goodness muddler (which of course, I have) 
Add Ice all the way to top of glass.
Add 2 shots of rum (or more - it's your Mojito)
Add 1 shot lime juice
Add 1/4 shot simple syrup 
Top with club soda. 
Insert straw, stir it around.
Sip and say AHHHHH.... 

Some people put some quartered limes in the drink also as a garnish - but I don't. But it's YOUR Mojito and they do look pretty. 

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