Saturday, January 2, 2010

Question for You For The New Year

I have a question for you that I'm hoping you will answer in the hopes that your answers will help make me a better blogger.

I, like most bloggers, love comments from readers. My question has to do with how I respond to these comments.

As commenters, do you:

1. check back to see if the blogger has responded to your comments?


2. how would you prefer those responses to "come at you"
a. in the comment field of the original post (as I currently respond)
b. in a personal email.

I really do value your feedback.

Thanks! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! Looking forward to a year of great blogging for all of us!


  1. Hi and Happy 2010. I am thrilled to have found you and your inspiring messages to help me become non burning sugar cookie making old lady :O) I love comments and commenting and if I comment on a blog where I may have "stirred a pot" by honesty, I'd probably check back to see if I am banned Sweet Smile. I do appreciate seeing responses in the comment area over email. Right now I have 1008 emails sitting in my yahoo account. I am so bad at email and often delete things that I shouldn't Peace to you and yours..
    Lisa E.

  2. I lovoe reading comments and I do check my e-mail. so I think respnces to my comments in an e-mail is easier for me.

  3. Hey jusut put that extra o in love over in the word responce and I will be good to go. Thanks

  4. That's really a good question. If I were to ask something specific, or tell you something I really wanted you to know, I'd probably check back to see whether you had responded in the comments section.

    It seems like a lot of effort for you to e-mail regularly, although you might choose to in special circumstances.

  5. I do check back sometimes, but only if I am really really excited for an answer. I wish blogger would send us an email letting us know our comments were responded to.

  6. between the two email is always best...not always convenient to make it back to a post, but always check the email.

    happy 2010!

  7. I vary it, though I try to comment back on the commentor's blog, unless they haven't posted anything recently or they asked a question. Sometimes it's hard to get back to everybody though so it's nice when they're set up to receive emails off their comments.

    Happy New Year.

  8. Hey there. I used to always check back on bloggers comments and tried to respond to each commenter too but I am getting useless at that nowadays...I try to email people back but again I am fairly useless...HOWEVER, I like it when other people are not so useless and send emails through to me!

  9. I sometimes check back on the comments section to see if the poster responded, but rarely. I think responding via email is the best- that is what I always do, mainly because I tend to get lengthy conversations going that don't necessarily belong in the comments section! LOL.

  10. I never check back in the comments of other blogs. I try to email respond if I have the time.

  11. Thank you all for your input. I believe based on your responses that (for the most part) you would like to receive a response to your comment via email. Cheer's to making me a better blogger!

  12. I come here all the time to see how you responded. Love your blog and all your smarts!

  13. First off, I love reading each and every comment that comes my way. I treasure them. Sometimes I respond to them on the blog, if I have a lot of time, but mostly I just respond to those that seem to require an answer, and that I usually do via e-mail.

    As for my own preferences, I often check back to see if there was a response to one of my comments, but only when I've said something that truly warrants it - if I actually ask a question, or if I challenge something in the blogger's post (which I very rarely do, of course.) If the blogger responds to me via e-mail, I consider that a special treat, actually. It means the person thought enough of my comment to save me the time spent in a return trip to their blog, and also wanted to give me a personalized response. Very nice!

  14. I TREASURE each and every comment...I have actually found myself bummed when for some reason there have been none on certain blogs. So fellow bloggers, I feel it's important to give feedback, don't just be a lurker! :-)

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Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love feedback... what with being a cook and all. I will respond to your comments via email (if you do not have a "noreply" address or here, below your comment) As always, Bon Appetite!

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