Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Generosity

I believe that Americans are among the most generous, caring people in the world.

I doubt than there is anyone who is unaware of the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that shook Haiti on Tuesday. The news coming out of Haiti is of utter devastation.

Haiti is among one of the poorest nations on earth. If you'd like to help clothe, house, feed and send medicine to Haiti, you can donate $10.00 to the Red Cross by simply sending a text message from your cell phone.

To: 90999
Text: haiti

The $10.00 charge will show up on your cell phone bill. The donation goes directly to the Red Cross. The Red Cross is usually the first "boots on the ground" organization in times when emergency response is called for.

How many text messages do you send in one day? This could be the most important one of all.

A Cook's Notes: Please feel free to visit The Red Cross to verify that this donation is valid.


  1. I already did this (TWICE) yesterday! I don't see how you cannot POSSIBLY donate when they make it so dang easy for you!

    The news this morning was... devastating. : (

  2. Jen - I cannot imagine being a parent and trying to keep my child safe all the while trying to find food, water and shelter. We are so blessed and my heart breaks for the people of Haiti.

  3. I donated on-line through the American Red Cross and then read that the credit card companies were skimming their fees from the top. Man, you would think they would have some shame.

  4. Nancy - ha! Shame? It's hard to believe that the rascals at the cell phone companies all of sudden have more empathy than bankers! Who have figured?

  5. I donated just now when I read your blog.
    I didn't know about the devastation...
    We don't have cable and I rarely get online to look at the news. Maybe I should start. I'm afraid if I look on a news website, I'll cry...

    Oh well. I'm going to cry.
    Thank you for posting the donation information. I never would have know.

  6. Phoebe - Just call me CNN ! Cooking and news, that's me.

    Vodka - glad to oblige and blessings to you and yours for donating!

  7. What a horrible thing to happen to a country with no safety net.. We don't understand most of the world still lives below a poverty level we have never seen.

  8. Buffalo - Yes, it is hard for Americans to comprehend this level of poverty. Notice Al Queda NOR the Taliban are sending aid in the form of food, water, doctors, medicine, search and rescue workers and humanitarian workers, yet we are the hated infidels. Go figure.

  9. This just breaks my heart. My friend has two children in Haiti that she is adopting and she is beside herself.

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