Monday, January 25, 2010


My girlfriend Michele's daughter, Jenna on keyboards. They won their high school talent show contest (DUH...). I am proud to be her honorary aunt.

Hey Jenna - when you are all grown up and famous - you won't forget Aunt Good Cook will you?


  1. This is AT LEAST as good as the version of Freebird that closed out Conan's final Tonight Show last Friday! Her work on the keyboard is great.

  2. Blissed Out - Thanks! They really are something aren't they?

  3. PHE NOM EN AL!!!!!! I am a huge music fan, and that was like special! That could be cleaned up and rival some of the live versions that I have heard from Skynyrd themselves. Brilliant! I wish that I could have seen The Keyboard better.

  4. Otin - Otin - can you believe the youngest is 13 and the oldest of the group is 16. Jenna (on piano) is 15 years old. The best part, besides being talented? They are a really NICE group of kids!!

    Eternally - I ditto that!!

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