Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Did It and The Dream Begins...

We did it.

We bought 12.5 acres of land.

Four acres (4) of which is beautiful meadow.

Eight and a half (8.5) of which is wooded, with a stream.

There are tenants:

And deer
And rabbit
And pheasant
already making their home on "our" land.

I can hardly think straight for the plans that are running through my head.
Lions and Tigers and Bears [oh my!]

A driveway
A barn
A garden
A goat
A pony for my littles?
A "green house"... not a place to grow stuff, a geothermal, solar and wind powered house.

I can hardly believe it. We did it. We are actively planning for our future. A future of fresh air, clear and clean water, home grown vegetables, free range animals and land- to stretch. and hike, and explore and love.

Tonight: Celebration, Wine, Laughter, Possibilities, Dreams.

Tomorrow: Holy Shit What Did We Do? And Etouffee (tune in - when I am nervous I cook even better - and this etoufee was incredible!)

For now:

Our land: (ps.. thanks for caring)

This is the forest we will view out the back windows of our eventual home.

This meadow is where we are going to build our future home

This is the stand of trees that will shield our home from the road

This is the meadow with the surrounding woods, an aerial view
A Cook's Notes: The little town is beautiful. A restaurant, a beautiful inn, a general store and a post office. Surrounding farms are all pasteur raised, organic, grassfed raised livestock and poultry. Do I belong here or what? Sigh.


  1. Good for you! It is indeed beautiful. Reminds me of the excitement I had when we bought this campground. So fun!

  2. Congratulations! That is so incredibly exciting. I'm sure ya'll are fairly giddy. You are going to have so much fun planning each next step.

    Thank you for sharing all of this. I'm sure the current tenants don't know what wonderful landlords they are about to receive!

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. It is beautiful.

  4. It looks perfect! Yay! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear more. Was this the property you were looking at with friends?

  5. WOW, it looks absolutely fabulous... How lucky are you?!!! Can't wait to keep up with the progress.

  6. WOW! Bravo! What a great project, it sounds so exciting!!! Enjoy!

  7. Kathy - were you nervous too?

    Unknown - thank you!

    Nancy - I can't believe we did it. This is not the property I looked at in the fall - that was in Massachusetts. This is in NY, near the Adirondacks. There is hiking, skiing and lots of state parks nearby... very exciting.

    Eternally - we won't be building for a few years - but we will be going there often - and Planning every day!

    Crazy - Thanks! I'm still pinching myself.

  8. Amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it :D Are you planning to coppice your woodland?


    I am so excited for you! This is seriously the most exciting news I have heard in a WHILE!

    Don't mind me as I live vicariously through you as you start this journey! CONGRATULATIONS!

  10. Yeah for you!!! Congratulations on living the dream. I can't wait to see it!
    Love you,

  11. Rachel - I have to talk to TBHITW about that.. I mentioned it and he said the front tree line needs to be coppiced... who knew he knew about that?? I think we will both learn a lot - about land, about growing, building and about each other!

    Jen - I think I want a pony!! LOL...

    Anonymous - (I know who you are..) start making those bonnets for the barn raising!

  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your land looks absolutely perfect for you! I can't wait to visit!
    Abby's mom

  13. Congratulations! When are you opening up your B and B?

  14. Abby's Mom - You will hate it - but I'm already making plans... And I'm getting a goat!!

    Kate - LOL... for the next year or so it would have to be a T&B - Tent and Breakfast!!

  15. Wow, congrats, on taking the plunge! I am so excited and happy for you! The land is absolutely gorgeous and is a perfect setting for your dream to come true! Kudos, cher!

  16. OMG, How utterly exciting. What a gorgeous big beautiful piece of Home for you and TBHITW to lay claim to! You will be in heaven. All will be well. This will be home!

    Enjoy the process and takes tons of pictures!

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