Sunday, October 17, 2010

The NYC Marathon and Cancer

Some of my longtime readers may remember that our nephew, Shane, just 10 years old was struck by cancer in April, 2009.

That little boy traveled a very long, hard road in his subsequent battle and ultimate recovery.

I wrote of Shane's battle here and here and here.

His parents, Mark and Dee ran an emotional NYC Marathon last year, raising over $16,000 dollars for pediatric cancer research. TBHITW and I had the honor of taking all the children into the city to watch the inspiring runners.

This year's marathon was to be a run of celebration. I will let Dee (Shane's mom) take it from here:

Hi Linda,

"Shane has passed the one year cancer free mark!  We are all very excited about this.  Our doctor visits and scans have gone from once a month to every 3 months now.  

To look at Shane you would never know what he has gone through and sometimes I have to stop and think about it as well.  He is doing fabulous in school and runs on the cross country team.  When I look at him running I compare him to the other runners and even though it is hard for him (mainly because his body is not used to doing this hard exercise yet) he is getting through it.  Each week he gets stronger and faster and more confident. 
We have so much to be thankful for in life. 

To The Good Cook Readers:
This is our second year on Fred's Team and running the New York City Marathon.  Last year Mark raised so much money that I signed on as well.  We went to stay with Jim and Linda for marathon weekend.  Jim was our official transport all over the city!  Linda prepared wonderful meals for us!  And the Michigan cousins got to trick or treat with their Jersey cousins!  In short, a mini family vacation and we had a very memorable and enjoyable experience. 

The marathon itself was emotionally difficult as we remembered what had led us to this destination - Shane's cancer.  We wanted to come back and really be able to enjoy it.  However, without warning tragedy struck our family once more with the death of Jim, Mark's older brother.  For several weeks, Mark wasn't sure that he could continue on the journey of running the NYC marathon let alone fundraising for it.  Now we are decidedly in however our fundraising efforts fall far short.  We need to raise the remainder in the next week.  A very tall order.  But we are going to try, for if we don't we forfeit monies already raised as well as our entry fee already paid for the race.

Donations, big or small would be greatly apprecieated in reaching our goal.  Donations can be made online by going to  Select Fred's Team, then select Support a member.  You can enter Skelcy and select Mark or Deanna.

Thanks Linda!  Talk to ya soon.  And remember, from a tree a seed drops and scatters in the wind.  Then that little seed takes hold and begins to grow...and life begins again.   Look for that little seed.


I am logging on and making a donation in TBHITW's name. If any of you can find it in your heart could you make a small donation for an incredible cause? If you are unable to afford a donation, may I ask just one favor? Keep Mark and Dee and Shane in your prayers as they continue to race for a cure for cancer.


The Good Cook 

Shane in Times Square with TBHITW


  1. Happy to help - off to support.

  2. I think a certain kampground will be lending a small donation to this huge effort.

  3. Amazing story. There is nothing harder than hearing these heartbreaking stories. Thanks for an opportunity to help and pray

  4. What a beautiful story and testimony. I am touched. I will keep them in my prayers and will donate when I have the money to. Reading stories like this bless me. XX

  5. I'm sorry I missed this opportunity.


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