Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tell Me A Love Story

Sometimes, at night, if I could not sleep I would ask TBHITW to tell me a story.

He was a very good story teller.

He would recount the days when he worked offshore on an oil rig in the Gulf Coast.

Or sometimes he would tell me about long, lonely drives back to Michigan for the holidays and how he would listen over and over again to classic holiday songs. "I'll Be Home For Christmas, White Christmas, Joy To The World".

Other stories would be about training for a race or a marathon. Or how he learned how to cook.

Or the jobs he held in high school.

Some of my favorite stories were about him in high school and college and dating.

You see, TBHITW, was a world class, how do you say it? Nerd. Yes, nerd.

Hey, don't get mad at me. I happen to think "nerds" make the best husbands. They don't know they are handsome and they are devoted to their profession, their families and their communities. Nerds also happen to be very smart and humble and honest and well, you get my drift. I always tell my daughter, marry a nerd and you'll be happy for the rest of your life.

Anyway, he would tell me stories of failed dates, awkward moments, and perceived shortcomings. He once told me how he had asked the most popular girl (of course she was a cheerleader) in high school to the drive in movies. He said she never even took her seat belt off through the entire movie. LOL..

My very favorite story of his was how he fell in love with me.

It is late and I can't sleep.

Will you tell me your love story?

If you don't want to post it here, you can email me at thegoodcook@verizon.net

There is nothing I love more than a good love story and I promise to hold your story in my heart until I fall asleep.


  1. This is such a beautiful post... I wish I had a love story to tell you... you make me wish I had my own best husband.

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. I've been following you quietly for a few months now and watching you go through this; I have been touched by your words.

    I wish you peace and memories of the treasure you enjoyed.

  2. My love story actually isn't about my husband. We had been trying for 8 years to have a child. Since I was a child myself, the only thing I REALLY wanted was to be a mom. Yes, I had a job I enjoyed, a husband I loved, but becoming a mom was my ultimate dream. In the process of trying, I lost 4 babies (one later into the pregnancy) and went through every emotion imaginable.

    We got a call on a Monday that our son had been born. We were to pick him up on Thursday, giving the birth-mother the requisite time in our state to sign official papers.

    The day our social worker walked into the room, holding our son, is a day that is freeze framed in my heart. I held him in my arms, and those first few moments I experienced a love that I didn't even know I was capable of experiencing. I finally understood all those times my own mom said to me "someday you will understand how much I love you". I do.

  3. That is sweet.

    Here's a post I wrote about a particular love, not the love I am lucky to have now.


  4. What a beautiful tale you weave - your husband was not the only storyteller.

    My love story was...involved. I was actually pre-engaged to another man; we'll call him Max. One night when I was at Max's house, some of his friends dropped in. Fred was one of them. According to Fred later, it was love at first sight. Seemed every time I was at Max's after that night, Fred was there. And one night, all the other guys, Max included, decided to go to the house of a mutual 'enemy' and "roll" her; you know, take toilet paper and throw rolls of it as high as possible into the trees. Annoying. Fred refused. To this day, I don't know if he was actually opposed to defaming someone's property or just wanted to be alone with me.

    Anyway, that was the beginning, and the rest, as they say, is history...

    By the way, I have a little something for you over at my place!

  5. Here's my love story...if you REALLY can't sleep and want to read it. :) Thinking of you!


    go to Flashback Series at the top...parts I - X are it! ;)

  6. I don't have one either but I can suggest some great movies: A Walk to Remember, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, My Girl. These are all excellent. Sweet dreams.

  7. My love story is of a man who came into my life when I least thought I deserved love. I was in the middle of a divorce from a husband of 22 years. I met Rick, my husband, in an online chat room, years before online dating was accepted. He walked into my life and into my heart. He has shown me I am worthy of love. God dropped him in my lap, whether I wanted him or not...........I am so glad God knows best.

  8. I wrote this on our anniversary. It pretty much says it all. Thinking of you as always.


  9. Well let's see... I married the nicest man I had ever met. He is also a nerd. But when I met him, after one failed marriage with no children, I knew he was the one for me. He asked me to marry him six weeks after meeting me, much to the utter amazement of his friends. He was meant to be the father of my children. He was meant to be here as I grow old. My youngest called him on father's day to thank him for always taking such good care of her mother. He was surprised, but I wasn't. She knows it takes someone really special to live with her mother for 30 years! :-)

    Nighty night.

  10. Hubby and I met by pre-ordained accident. Not bad for two atheists, huh?

  11. My story in a nutshell:
    I first truly saw Josh when we met randomly at a hookah cafe. I had seen him around my city, with my older brother, with his girlfriend, but I never TRULY saw him.
    He was thin and gray and torn into pieces about his lost relationship to his girlfriend of one year. She was unfaithful to him and he was very bitter. He talked of anarchy and violent subjects, but I knew he was hiding something very beautiful inside of himself.
    I was determined to find him.
    We were best friends for a full year before I knew I was in love with him and I knew I had to leave my long-term boyfriend at the time.

    I can tell you the moment I KNEW I was in love with him...
    I arrived at his house after work and his mother let me in. I came into his room and he was sound asleep, shirtless. I had never seen so much of his body. His skin was dark and beautiful, so different than my own. I touched his arm to wake him. He turned to me, half sleeping, half awake, and he said "You are so beautiful" and then he turned and fell back asleep.

    I knew then that he was my soul mate, my life partner, and I knew I had never known true love and he was sure to be the one to show me.

    Thank you for letting me share.

  12. You have just told the BEST love story of all...my heart grieves for you...Yes, he was TBHITW...it is so clear and obvious in everything you write...I grieve with and for you!!! Sending you much love...I don't think I could ever hope to even match your story...so my love will have to do instead...Love, Janine XO

  13. Everyone,

    Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Some of you sent me private email. I have printed out each and every one of your tales and will take them out periodically and read them. They have each and every single one touched my heart. Thank you. There is nothing like a love story shared.

  14. I am touched by the stories other commenters have shared. I love a good love story too.

    I have known Hubby since I was 15 years old. We married when I was 19 -- we've now been married 45 years.

    I have multiple love stories about Hubby, but the one I thought might be best to share with you for late-night reading is "Roses, How Temporary" because it tells so much about who he really is:


    You are in my prayers.


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