Wednesday, September 22, 2010


(male readers, please bear with me, I love you too)

Women. What is it about women?

How do they know what to do?

For weeks now I have been surrounded by the most amazing women. Both here, physically and "out there" in the wireless world.

Monday night my friend Anne hosted a birthday dinner for herself. She invited me, Wanda and Myrna, calling us her "best buds". She took us all to a beautiful upscale restaurant where we wined and dined and chatted and laughed (and yes, cried a little too).

Last night Anne, Wanda and Myrna came to my home and allowed me to cook for them. A gift.

They sat at my table and laughed and chatted and told stories about their own lives and loves and trials and tribulations and joys and sorrows. And yes, we all cried a little too. But mostly we ate.

These women have their own families. Their own husbands and children. Yet they leave them alone, to fend for themselves and feed themselves and occupy themselves to be with me. To grieve and laugh and hug and light a candle in my night.

What is it about women? How do they know? Are women born with the innate ability to nurture? Are women programmed from birth to know how to comfort?

It's not just these women. My sisters, other friends, and women throughout the world call me everyday, send me emails of encouragement and leave loving comments on this blog - all holding me up. Helping me through the day, cheering me on, sobbing with me, listening to me, supporting me with their words, their thoughts, their intentions and their prayers.

What is it about women? Thank God for women.


  1. Sisterhood is a wonderful thing and I have a feeling that you are reaping what you have sown, my dear.

  2. Linda, I keep you and your children in my prayers every day. Your strong circle of family and friends is a testament to the life you built together with your husband.

    Barbara Ebersole

  3. You know when I get all weepy about not being a mother? And then I remember that as women, we are ALL mothers in a way and that gives me some peace? I think it is too - with grief. We all somehow just know.

    I'm so glad they are with you physically. I know that emails and phone calls are wonderful throughout the day, but sometimes you just need a physical presence to steady you. You have wonderful friends.

  4. I agree with Kathy - you are reaping what you have sown.

  5. Yes, be grateful for women. So many times in my life women have seen through my shell and have cared.

  6. You are a special lady and I think everyone who follows your blog has picked up on this. When we feel close to someone that touches our spirit we feel drawn to comfort when we know they are hurting. We rejoice along with them in the good times as well. I rejoice today knowing that you have friends like you mentioned that can be there physically to help you along.

  7. I feel you.

    Please know that you are one of those women, too. You have provided friendship, comfort, and support for me during a difficult time and I am very grateful.

  8. Some of my hardest times of my life,have been made easier by the women in my life..they all seem to know..intuitively how to ease the pain..
    Thank Heavens for the women in my life! Sounds like you have some amazing friends supporting you..I am happy for you..its a gift and a blessing...thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments on my Driftwood Art.I appreciate it! Sending love your way. xoxo Marlene

  9. Yes, I agree that the sisterhood is one of God's greatest gifts to us, as women. Glad that you have such wonderful women in your life. Love and blessings, Marguerite

  10. You took the words from my own heart. I crave the same womanly affection you write of.
    My only female friend is moving to Seattle...

    What a wonderful gift they are to you. Their lives are so full of love it spills over onto everyone else. :)

  11. Women bear the weight of the world. With grace. With humility. Sometimes with wild abandon, if that's what's called for.
    I'm so glad you have your pals....and they have you.

  12. There is a saying I like that says...

    A friend is a hand holding yours, no matter how close or far apart you may be.

    You have lots of friends holding your hand!


  13. Nothing like the sisterhood!!!!!! Love you!!! And I'm crying with you...wish I could give you more than a cyber hug!!! My heart continues to be with you!!! ~Janine XO

  14. A few years ago at work, a friend lost his wife after her long battle with a rare disease, which had left her immobile, almost completely unresponsive, and in a nursing home the last fifteen years of her life. Everyone knew he was seeing someone else while his wife was slowly dying, and there were mixed feelings among us because of that.

    At long last she passed away, and when he came back to work a week later, he seemed fine...until a male friend came to a group of us in panic: "{Tom's} sitting down there at the end of the machine crying! Go do something!" While the men stood awkwardly, all of us women hurried immediately toward him, hugging, stroking his hair, listening as he poured out his heart over his guilt at 'having betrayed her all those years'. We COMFORTED him. We stayed with him even when our supervisor approached and one us rose, went to her, and explained the situation. She joined us until he had no more tears.

    He never thanked us, and we never expected thanks. That's the way men work. And we were all there on the day he finally married 'the other woman,' who told us of the day he came home to her and related the story of a group of women who comforted him when his heart was broken.

    I think of you every day and hope you are healing. Take care.


  15. Dearest Linda: I am so happy that you have a sisterhood led by my own sister--one of the loveliest friends and sisters a girl could ask for. I wish I could have been with you on Anne's birthday--but I am sure we will cook together sometime soon. Thinking of you with love...and sisterhood! XO,C

  16. I think it's a personality thing, not a gender thing. I know plenty of women who really have no clue what to say or do in an emotional crisis--me included. There's a lot of ingrained gender stereotyping; you might have simply surrounded yourself with women who actually fit the bill.

    But if you need someone to manage a physical crisis, I'm your man. Woman. Whatever.

  17. I wouldn't make it without the women in my life.


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