Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pan Seared Thyme Roasted Pork Chops, Baby Red Swiss Chard and Spiced Apples and Asian Pears

Today was my CSA pick up day.

Apples are in.
So is Swiss Chard
And we are still getting tomatoes.
And peppers.
And eggplant.
And greens
And corn.

Tonight, I cooked.

I made pan seared pork chops. I heated some olive oil in an oven proof skillet, threw in a few sprigs of fresh thyme from my garden and seared them. I then set them in a 350 degree oven to finish cooking.

Meanwhile, on top of the stove:
I peeled and sliced some apples and asian pears, put them in a skillet with a good knob of butter, spritzed them with lemon juice, drizzled them with honey and a little brown sugar and cinnamon and set it all on the back burner on low.

I rinsed some Baby Red Swiss Chard and put it to simmering on a front burner. When it was nice and soft I drained it, sauteed it with some bacon then added some red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of sugar.

I imagined TBHITW sitting upstairs in his office and all the aroma's of an early autumn meal wafting up to his nose. He would have called down to me, "Hey, Mrs. S, that smells good down there!

And that would have made me happy. So I smiled while I shook the pan with the Swiss Chard and checked the chops in the oven.

I set the table, poured a glass of wine and waited for everything to finish cooking. Tasting this, salting that.

It felt good to cook something lovely.
It felt good to eat something fresh and local and from my own hand.

I didn't cry while I ate dinner tonight.
I smiled at the memory of a thousand meals.
After dinner TBHITW would have helped me clean up and would have complained that "I did it to him again". He always said that when he ate too much. It was always my fault.

I liked being guilty of cooking "too good of a meal"


  1. A memory with smiles. I am sure he would have liked that.


  2. I totally want to come on over to your house and eat EVERYTHING! That all looks so divine!

  3. It sounds lovely. I am glad that you cooked and that you ate and had a wonderful memory.

  4. This is where you find peace. He would want that for you. And your children will feel better, too.


  5. It's wonderful that you cooked and that you enjoyed the process, the memories, and the meal. And it looks delicious.

  6. I prayed that you would have a good day and it sounds like you did. Looks like a fabulous meal! Keeping you in my prayers. Love, Marguerite

  7. You have made us all very happy that you did what you love and enjoyed it. You certainly made me hungry just reading about it. I hope this continues into a marvelous weekend.

  8. It looks wonderful. I'm glad you had a smile and pleasant memories.

  9. This is a delicious meal. I enjoy learning some tips on cooking from you. Thank you.

  10. Oh, man, I love pork chops no matter how they're cooked, but those look magnificent! Now I'm jonesing for some...

  11. What a lovely memory of cooking for your husband. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me thankful for the things I sometimes complain about. May I never complain again but find the joy in the everyday things.

    You are amazing!


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