Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Mayan Princess

My friend Myrna is from San Salvador.

Last night she invited Anne and I over for a home cooked meal. I think perhaps this is going to become a Monday night staple. Anne's house one week, my house another, Myrna's the week after. Perhaps we will pick a favorite restaurant the fourth week and start all over every month.

Myrna refers to herself as a Mayan Princess. She told me that she has to love someone a lot to cook for them. She also told me, "mi casa es su casa mi amiga"

I think she loves me a lot.

She wouldn't let me take a picture of her, so I had to sneak this one with my cell phone.

Then she fed me.

Homemade chicken flautas.
And enchiladas.
And tamales, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection.
And plaintains with creama.

I asked her for all the recipes and she gave me a cookbook to read. It is in Spanish. As soon as I figure it all out I will post (at the very least) the flauta recipe.

The food was amazing. She is amazing.

I had my first session with a Grief Therapist tonight. It was good. It was good to talk to someone about, well, everything.

For a full 30 minutes afterward, on the drive home, the buzzing in my chest and head stopped. I felt calm.  I felt normal. Or at least a little bit.

I am going back next week.

Seven weeks he has been gone. Seven weeks.

Myrna sent me home with plates full of Mayan Treasures. My therapist sent me home with a heart that was calm.

Thank God for Mayan Princesses and Therapists.


  1. We down here in Houston consider Mexican comfort food. Mayan versions certainly are better than basic Tex-Mex, so they must be twice as comforting.

    I make a mean tortilla soup. I'll feed you once a month. At the very least.

    Not to mention--I make a fabulous margarita.

  2. Myrna does indeed sound LOVELY, as does her cuisine! I am so excited that you have girlfriends to have dinner with every week! I wish I did= my group of friends had a monthly supper club for a while, but complicated schedules made it difficult- perhaps I will reinstate it though- it's so much fun!

  3. It is really a good thing to be among those that love us through cooking. It's magical. What better way to nurture?

    It reminds me of one of my favorite movies - Chocolate, with Johnny Depp.

  4. I have been waiting for a post like this letting me know that my friend is really getting better. I am sure a lot of folks feel the same way. Praise God for awesome friends and therapists.

  5. Good move. Start new traditions with friends and seek help at the grief counselor. Good for you.

  6. Your supper club sounds like a great idea, especially if it includes homemade flautas. I'm glad you are getting to talk to a grief couselor and she can offer small tastes of peace.

  7. You are indeed well surrounded by your sisterhood, my dear Linda. And that helps the healing more than we know. Can't wait to get out there for dinner with you girls soon. XO, Cathy.

  8. What a fabulous Monday night tradition! And I'm happy to hear that the grief therapist was helpful. Take care.

  9. Your friend, Myrna sounds like a great person and cook! What a feast and it's a great idea to have a dinner share with friends. I'm so glad that you found a therapist who you feel comfortable with. I still see mine, occasionally, and go to my support group. Blessings, Marguerite

  10. Hooray for Princesses that can cook, Therapists, friends and cell phones that take pictures~

    I am so glad you found moment of brief calmness. The glimmer of hope is that one day the calmness will last longer and the grief won't be as overwhelming. HUGS!


    (my daughter needed a blog identity to post on her school blog...thus the Megan Marks name. I figured since I am not using my blog I would let her use my blogspot)

  11. Bless those women, who we can be ourselves with and they seem to know just what we need.

    I'm so glad to hear you are seeking a grief therapist. This could be the start of some healing and peace for you.

    BTW, I'm familiar with that buzzing in the head and chest. Anyone who's lost a loved one knows it...And I hope it helps to know that it WILL get better and then, in time, you will be able to enjoy the memories without the pain. Hugs...

  12. I hope that things become easier for you. The grief counselor sounds like a good idea as well as the help of friends.

  13. This made my heart smile for you.

  14. I have been gone but am back, and this makes me smile. To read that you are taking necessary steps and being nurtured by friends is good.

  15. Myrna and her cooking sound wonderful.

    I am so glad to hear that the Grief Therapist is doing you good. You deserve some good.

  16. I agree with the first comment. Mexican food is comfort food in my book too. Hope I catch the recipe when you post. Maybe the crema sauce too?


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