Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Kitchen

The painter has arrived in the kitchen.

MY kitchen.

Such Angst. Such Preparation. Such Drama. 

And it's only 7:25 AM.

The kitchen, my kitchen, is off limits to me. It looks like a scene from "Dexter"... only the painter is way too nice a guy for any major killing AND Dexter only kills bad guys and there are no bad guys about (as far as I know)

The one thing I do know is I won't be doing any cooking today. 

I have no idea what I will be doing today. 

Perhaps I'll just stroll along to all of YOUR blogs and do some happy reading.. sound like a plan? 

Do check back Thursday, Friday and Saturday as there will be major cooking going on... I am catering a private dinner party at the beach (down the shore) on Saturday night and the menu has grown to epic proportions. 

And you know me, I love to share. 

Happy Wednesday everyone. 


  1. OOOO, that is a well covered kitchen!! I'm sure the paint job will be fab - Enjoy your day off!

  2. Humm..waiting to see the newly painted n colorful kitchen :P

  3. Oh no! I hope you can handle not cooking for one day, that must be so hard for you! LOL at the Dexter reference, hee hee!

  4. soooooo....what fast food is it gonna be ???

  5. Eternally,

    Yes - it was kind of creepy seeing everything sheathed like that.

    Ann - just the ceiling was getting painted as we had some minor water damage.. did I just say minor? What is minor about the pipe breaking and the ceiling caving in? Oh, it's water under the bridge - all fixed now!

    Rain, I'm a little confused as to what my role is if I'm not cooking.. Actually spent a lot of the day reading, going over menu plans and recipes, and got my hair cut!

    King of New York,

    Welcome! NO FAST FOOD. Not in this life. We will order in from the restaurant up the street or eat leftovers.. hmm... I have some Hungry Painter Sandwich meat left from last night. But perish the thought you naughty boy - fast food - not in my house. :-)

  6. I will be back - I need ideas for a houseful I'm expecting next week.

    I hate it when my home is in upset. I went three months without a kitchen last fall. Ghaaaa!

    The Bad JuJu Closet is still in progress - going on seven weeks. :-(

  7. I do all my own painting.....I am cheap, wait, I mean thrifty. I do love to see freshly painted walls, though.

  8. Nancy,

    Three months! Goodness, what did you eat?? Our next project (next week) is having hard wood floors installed in the living room and hallways. I dread the process.

    Kathy K:

    With the exception of having the house built, I have always painted, but I just did not have the time and energy... AND it is amazing at how much better it looks when done by a professional. I'm sold.

  9. Your pictures reminded me of one Memorial weekend ... we were cooks at a youth camp - the camp was/is sponcered by a dozen or more church's. Every year on Memorial Weekend lots of volunteers come/go up to help change camp over from winter to summer camp programs. They also do repair work, building maitance, landscaping, etc. We never knew an actual head count every meal till everybody filled into the dining room . . . we got pretty good at guessing, keeping an eye out the window for who just came/who left, etc.; as well as flying by the seat of our pants.
    Anyways, We always got there early in the afternoon on Fri. to start prepping - ya never knew what might happen. And we started serving meals at breakfast on Sat.. During Sat. breakfast this one year, we were informed that after lunch they were coming in to put a hole in the wall and installing air conditioning = we had to serve lunch, have everything 100% cleaned up from it, and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g covered and sealed within twenty minutes after the meal was done 8-/. We had served lunch to 95. And they would be wanting dinner .... . We went back in an hour and a half before dinner - to be told they weren't all of the way done . . . ALL weekend(we served through lunch on Mon.) we had to work around tarps, coverings, opening and then resealing things .... 8-/ !!
    The biggest irony was that we had been suggesting they put in two more windows to draw more breeze in off of the lake, and mount a wall fan to push it around the corner into the dish room .... would have been lots less expensive in the long run ....
    Aw well .... hope your job goes smoothly and QUICKLY!!!
    Cheryl B. at


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