Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day here in the Northeast.. working in the garden, taking the pup for a stroll and enjoying life!
Happy Sunday Everyone

My flower garden: (yes I have a white picket fence)


  1. Lovely pictures and such a cute puppy :0)

  2. Thank you. And yes, I do love my "puppy".. she's not quite 9 months old yet.. so technically she is still a puppy even though she's closing in on 90 pounds.

  3. Look at Holly Bear!!! Her ears are standing at full attention!!! Enjoy your day! PS: I love white picket fences!! Do they keep the evangelists away? :)

  4. Rain,

    Yup - her ears are finally set. She is a true beauty of a German Shepherd... her doggie mama would be so proud!

    Picket fences keep all manner of offensive personnel away! (so do German Shepherds...)

  5. What lovely photos. And I love that fence:)

  6. Your garden is just lovely! I especially love the daisies and the white picket fence. Holly Bear is a beautiful pup, so full of life and energy.

    I left a comment on a previous post about picking up your award, but I'm not sure that you got it?

  7. Deb, Thanks! I love that fence too. TBHITW put it in for me many years ago.. I always wanted to channel June Cleaver. That fence is as close as I ever got.


    THanks for the award, I'll be over later today to pick it up. I have to go the ug dentist today for an emergency root canal...


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