Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because...cobblers and corn fritters

Because the cobblers were so good I'm posting another pic. Enjoy the pic. Now bake the cobblers and enjoy the real thing. 

ps. DO NOT SKIP PUTTING THE RAMEKINS ON A RIMMED BAKING SHEET. Consider yourself (and your oven) warned.

OH - and here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's recipe. Plan ahead.

Fresh Corn Fritters with Chipotle Pepper Salsa: 


  1. I see you are a new follower to my little world of campground hosting...welcome. I will look forward to trying out your recipes!

  2. We are avid campers! I look forward to seeing the camping world through your eyes. I hope you enjoy the recipes - I'll try to include some "campers" meals throughout the summer.

  3. Hmmmm, they are fruit right? So they aren't ALL bad for me? I think the individual ramekins are nice for keeping portions in check!

    I love corn fritters. Are they also called hush puppies, I have made those for a chili feed. YUM! Except for the deep frying part, not good for the scale!

  4. Just discovered your blog and it is fantastic! The cobbler looks divine. I will definitely try it. And the corn fritters w/ chipotle salsa look sinfully delicious. Can't wait to get this recipe!!

  5. Every time I come here I feel guilty for opening my freezer. I really should learn to cook instead of just heating stuff up!!

    CJ xx

  6. Tamis - yes, they are fruit... LOL... Eating just a little one is OKAY. All those berries will deliver such a punch of antioxidants we won't notice the Kcal's! The fritters are somewhat like hush puppies but a finer, cake like texture. AND I trimmed down the calories from the original recipe so you don't have to feel too bad about the fry part.

    Marguerite, welcome! I hope you enjoy all the recipes - but I will say the corn fritters were especially good.

    Crystal - how does that food get into your freezer? Hmm.. maybe I need to come over there and do some cooking lessons? Could be arranged!


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