Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peeling Potatoes with Michele and Dawn

My best friend Michele swears by this method. She sent me this clip and told me I really needed to share this with my readers.

I have very smart friends so I'm following her advice; without further ado, I give you:

Peeling potatoes with Maryann (Dawn Wells)


  1. I've seen that before but never tried it. I really should because it sounds far easier than standing around peeling potatoes-particularly when I'm making a huge batch of mashed potatoes.

    I also have a method that it relatively painless and works quite well. I call it the "Honey, if you want potatoes you need to come peel and cut" method.

  2. Wow~! I have never seen or heard of this method before. I spend at least 10 minutes peeling each potato (We don't have a peeler).
    This is great!

  3. Whitney - your method is brilliant! I guess Maryann could have said, Hey Professor, if you want potatoes....

    Phoebe - No peeler? Oh my goodness. My friend this method works great!

  4. OMG she says IDAHO POTATO waaaay too many times! Also, this method only works if you are BOILING the potatoes, not if you are frying or roasting them so she should NOT be advising people to THROW AWAY THEIR PEELER when they could just send it to Phoebe! (or everyone could just leave the peel on like I do).


  5. Jen - LOLOLOL... yes, she does say Idaho Potato often. I'm guessing Idaho Potatoes paid for this spot! And I'm with you, if I'm not boiling, I leave the skin on... love crispy potato skins!

    Public Service Message: If anyone is going to throw their potato peeler away after watching this spot. STOP RIGHT THERE. Send them to me and I will send the best one to Phoebe.

  6. I recently tried it, and it is superior to peeling them raw! Takes less time, and you only lose the kin

  7. buffalo - thanks for the endorsement! I'm going to have to try it tonight.


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