Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heritage Food aka Slow Food, Real Food, The Good Stuff

I want to share one of my food sources with all of you. The beef, lamb and pork I have purchased from Heritage Foods is some of the best I have ever eaten. Before I had a local source (Beechtree Farms) this was one of my go-to food "stores".. and shipping is included.

If you have never experienced grassfed, organic and/or heritage foods, treat yourself and your family to one of their specials. Tell them The Good Cook sent you.

(disclaimer: I have not been asked to endorse, nor do I receive compensation for this endorsement, nor am I an employee, representative or any other paid type of person for this company or any farms or restaurants mentioned here. I am just a fan) That should do it.

ps. I am ordering the lamb - I adore lamb.

Heritage Foods USA 718-389-0985
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

“The shared philosophy at all of my kitchens in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles is simple: use the best local ingredients as simply as possible and serve them with flourish and joy. Our friends at Heritage Foods USA make this credo easy to live and eat by. For the past seven years, Heritage has been our supplier of memorable and delicious pork, and boy, do we love pork! Their consistent quality and support of the American Farmer and the Slow Food approach to farming, food and life itself help us create our sustainable, local, and seasonal menus night after night in every kitchen, all of the time.” – Mario Batali

We are most proud of our relationship with Mario Batali and his team at Lupa, Del Posto, Babbo, and Otto in New York City; B&B Ristorante, Enoteca San Marco and Carnevino in Las Vegas; and Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles. We encourage you to visit these great establishments and to try the very same product Mario uses for your Superbowl dinner!

Photo credit to Melanie Dunea

In honor of the tight-end position we are featuring Newman Farm Certified Humane Boston Butt pieces! Also his Country Rib packs (a four rib rack farmer favorite) and the classic St Louis Rib pack (about twelve ribs per slab). We applaud Mark for raising such a great product! Enjoy 15% off when you buy two or more of those items.

Be the star of your local tailgate spot! Click here for our Superbowl Sunday Specials.

Before checkout locate the green "enter coupon" button beneath your shopping cart and type "superbowlspecials" to activate this offer.

We are also proud to feature Half Sweet Grass Targhee Lamb from the rolling hills of Big Timber, Montana which provides a variety of cuts that serve up something for everyone on Superbowl Sunday!

Half Sweet Grass Targhee Lamb (about 23 lbs) – Overnight Shipping Included - $262
1 Shoulder roast (4lbs)
1 Rack of Lamb, Frenched (2.5lbs)
1 Package of Ribs (2lbs)
2 Shanks (3lbs)
6 Chops - 1 1/2" thick (3lbs)
1 Boneless Leg (6lbs)
Stew meat (1lb)
Ground lamb (2lbs)

Thank you for your continued support.

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

Contact us with questions or ideas, look out for weekly announcements and read new recipes, by visiting: www.HeritageFoodsUSA.com.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please click here.

402 Graham Ave. Box 198
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tel: 718-389-0985
Fax: 718-389-0547


  1. Thank you, yet again. I'm going to have to check this out. I was excited to find grass fed beef, locally but the selection was not very extensive. I'd be more than happy to be able to order exactly what I'm looking for instead of settling for what's available.

  2. It would take me a lifetime to eat that much meat!

  3. Whitney - have fun shopping. The Heritage turkey is good too!

    Otin -that's why God invented freezers and friends!

  4. I've been to this site after reading about it on your blog. I have it bookmarked.

    Catching up on the last two posts, I just want to say - follow your dreams - it's what makes us special. I liken it to going to college - we don't have all the answers when we start, but we know more when we're done, and we realize we don't have to have all the answers, we just have to know how to look for them. It will have it's challenges and fits and starts. Anything that is new and unexplored will have those. But your dreams are based in where we are going in the future. Sustainability, non-factory farming. You are taking your skills and applying them in a new direction. It's exciting and I applaud you! I feel grateful to be along for the ride. And you must take us on this ride! I dream about my commune every day. It will happen, I just know it. Just like you finding just the right place to plant a dream. (You need a cooking show like Ina Garten - she now has a kitchen set up in a outside building, all freshly grown herbs, outdoor eating and cooking area.) Keep notes as this project unfolds so you can write a book with a template for the rest of us!


Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love feedback... what with being a cook and all. I will respond to your comments via email (if you do not have a "noreply" address or here, below your comment) As always, Bon Appetite!

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