Monday, November 30, 2009

What We'll Be Doing This Weekend...

Some post Thanksgiving fun... starring TBHITW.

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Hope your T-day was wonderful!! I'll be back tomorrow with some light, vegetarian dishes.


  1. LOL! Too funny. I loved the expression of TBHITW sitting in his chair at the end!

    Veggie recipes - yay!

  2. Thank the tree spirits that I don't have to park a dead evergreen in my house for six weeks. It's Houston, anyway, and it doesn't get cold enough to damage the tree spirits, so it's okay.

  3. Wow, he is serious about getting that tree down!

  4. To damn funny! The tree and TBHITW have priceless facial expressions. The crying bunnies...Too funny.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Nancy - I just can't put another meat morsel into my system - This entire week is going to be vegan in our house.

    The Mother - don't worry - only animated trees were injured in this video

    Kathy - in this house Xmas trees are serious business

    Tamis - I'm lucky TBHITW has a good sense of humor - otherwise I'd be in big trouble for having him star in these videos.

    Jan - Tis the Season!!


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