Monday, November 2, 2009

Marathon Weekend

The NY City Marathon's Fortieth Anniversary Medal - 2009

Our weekend guests have just left - they are on their way to the Empire State Building (with TBHITW) then on to La Guardia for their flight home.

It was an awesome weekend filled with family, food, fun, museums, the NY City Marathon, planes, trains and automobiles.

This Good Cook is going to take a nap now and will be back tomorrow with new recipes, tips, tricks and kitchen stories. For now, a little recap in pictures:

Allyson, Shane and Caitlyn trick or treating:

Scary stuff in our mailbox
Bones in the yard
A train ride:

A subway ride
Times Square

Marathon Runners!

Mark and Dee - our favorite marathoners ultimately raised over $15k for pediatric cancer research for the charity Fred's Team AND ran 26.2 miles...


  1. What a super cause to raise dough for! Congrats to all that participated.

    I hope Shane is able to stay healthy with all this flu stuff around. I am sure they are all hyper-vigilant to keep him safe.

    Enjoy your nap, it certainly is a perfect fall day for it here...hmmmmmm, maybe.

    The mailbox, well I might wet myself if I opened it to find that. But I am a little jumpy anyways.

  2. Tamis, we only put the head in there for trick or treat night... I LIKE my mailperson!

  3. You deserve that nap now! I feel a little down now that it is all over. I guess I had something to focus on and now that it's gone I have to focus on the upcoming trip that I don't want to go on....

  4. Kathy - where do you have to go? I am behind on my reading... anytime I look forward to something for a long time I feel a little let down once it's over... I'm hoping over to your site now to catch up!

    Meeko - grr.. phone rang like 20 X's..... no nap. Was in bed by 9:00 pm though!

  5. That thing in the mailbox reminds me of my 2nd grade Math teacher.

  6. My husband wants to know if you were trying to scare the mail person.

  7. Ew. What IS that in your mailbox??


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