Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product Testing 101 - Shrimp, Lamb and Rotisserie Chicken and more

It seems I've been noticed in the blogisphere.

Is that even how you spell it?

Blog-is-phere: Blog-a-sphere?

I have been approached to do a product test and asked to:

a. test a product
b. post about it
c. create a giveaway around the product (we're talking free stuff here)


At first I was flattered.
Then I was excited.
Then, I was nervous.
Then I was suspicious.
Then, apprehensive.

I don't use "products".
I cook from scratch.
What would this do to my credibility?
What would this do to my culinary senses?
What would this do to my food?

The Best Husband In The World advised me to "go for it". (He's in it for the free stuff)
The Second Son (19 years old) advised me to "not sell out". (He is still on the home dole)
My uppity culinary intellect told me to (in NJ speak) forgetaboutit.

But my curiosity told me "hey, why if and why not?"

So I took on the challenge. I basted and baked and marinated and rotisseried and grilled the hell out of:

The Original Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Well and ahem. And I might add, oh my.

I ask you readers - because you are dear to me - do you want to hear about the results?

You should know before you vote [yes or no] I also suggested to the CEO, Country Bob himself, that I would like to interview him for the ultimate post...

Do you care? Do you WANT to hear about products???

I'm not giving it up here... you are my precious readers, my ardent followers, my fellow foodies...

What do you think?

a. Forgetaboutit?
b. Go for it?

I've done the cooking, the sweating, the basting, the baking, the grilling, the marinating, AND the eating (along with my most trusted taste testers...)

BUT it is up to you...

I await your response.


  1. I says blog-o-sphere :p


  2. Oh no. After all of that buildup we must know. You've already done the work...Please share!

  3. Considering the product, I'd be interested in a review of it. I'm a picky eater, but if it's about a marinade for steak or burgers, count me in!

    And for the record, I always spell it "blogosphere."

  4. I also cook from scratch but I would have to say that it is hard to beat a good sauce that has been made and perfected by a master! I would LOVE to hear your results!

  5. I agree with Jenacide. In a pinch a bottled sauce is a good tell what you have learned.

  6. GO FOR IT! You are doing what you love to do! We will support you 100%! We all have to make a living - I'm writing a book right now - maybe, just maybe, this nasty economy will guide us to do what we love - AND help us support ourselves!

    Bring on that sauce - I've been looking at it on the shelves and wondering...

  7. Everyone,

    Okay - the aye's have it. I will be doing the final testing (grilling) this weekend, am arranging an interview with Country Bob (himself) and will post results in 3 posts next week.

    Thank you for all your support. You are all wonderful.

    Nancy - I want to hear about that book!


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