Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Now Pronounce You, A Baker - Chocolate Almond Cake

I have never professed to be a baker. 

I am a cook.

There is a difference. 

Oh, I've tried my hand at various baked items. Pies, cakes, cookies, tarts... and I've had mixed results and mixed reviews. 

Until now. 

Julia Child's Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Butter Frosting. Oh. My. God. 

By the way, Chocolate Butter Frosting is not to be confused with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, no sir-ree missy (or mister).. this is chocolate, plus butter, plus technique. 

I won't list the recipe here... as there would be way too many copyright infringements. But I'll tell you where you can get it (without buying the book). 

Go here. Julia Child's Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Butter Frosting  (as seen in the movie, Julie & Julia)

Get this recipe. Make it. Eat it. Fall in love. 
Screw the calories, cholesterol, time, whatever. This is worth the splurge. 

Tell them The Good Cook sent you. 


  1. Just saw the Movie yesterday.. thought of you!


  2. Chocolate and almonds are two of my faves. Great combo! Looks heavenly, and I will definitely look this one up. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jan - oh, did you just love the movie?

    Whispering Writer - OMG - it was. I cannot make this cake more than once a year though.. okay, maybe twice. It is very, very rich.

    Marguerite, the chocolate and the almonds are amazing in this recipe. The cake is dense, not too sweet and rich beyond belief. You just have to try this one!

  4. This is a great recipe & cake. I've had it before, it's like a piece of Heaven in your mouth so delicious.

  5. Confused,

    YES! Heaven in your mouth is a perfect description. Thank you for being more eloquent than I!

  6. Oh! Did you just hear that thud? That was the sound of my hucking my diet out the window.

    Now where's my mixer?!

  7. Kathy B: just put a blind fold on your diet for a day or two... This cake is worth it.


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