Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Blog it Forward

What inspires you? 

Is it nature? A sunset, a sunrise? 

Is it another person in your life?

Is it someone who has overcome an insurmountable obstacle? 

Is it art?

What is inspiration, anyway?

According to my handy-dandy dictionary the definition of Inspiration is:

1. a breathing in, as of air into the lungs; inhaling
2. an inspiring or being inspired mentally or emotionally
3. an inspiring influence; any stimulus to creative thought or action
4. a prompting of something written or said
5. a divine influence upon human beings, as that resulting in the writing of the Scriptures. 

I like all of these definitions - but mostly I'd like to propose a combination of all of the above, I give you my [combined] definition:

6. A intake of breath of the creative, inspired by those who came before us prompting us to action in either thought, word or deed.

I am inspired by people. Average normal people who get up everyday and attempt to do the impossible in our crazy, ever changing world. 
Raise a family. 
Be fair.
Write a book. 
Write a blog. 

The blog world is full of people like this. People who are just trying to BE. Take a look at the blog list at the left of this post and you will find many of these people. 

These folks are just a few who inspire me. There are many more who don't blog - but who fit the "inspiration" definition. 

For those of you listed on the left hand side of this blog - come get the INSPIRATION AWARD - and blog it forward to those in your life who inspire you. 

Now, just for fun and inspiration watch this video that I stole (with their permission) from fellow bloggers John & Steve at John & Steve are having a baby

This is the story of Z and Vielpunkt (inspired by a true story - there's that word again...) - thanks John and Steve - you are an inspiration. 


  1. I am inspired by the same things you are. I am inspired by the good in humanity- when it comes shining through the crap like a luminescent beacon of hope for us all. : )

  2. John and Steve are a hoot :)

    I am mostly inspired to by trying to become the person that my kids think I am!

  3. Love it! Thanks for being an inspiration to me, too!

  4. you inspire me so much, thanks!

    I love the video. I saw it when they posted it but just had to watch it again.

  5. Jen, Well said!

    Kathy B - Oh - you ARE the person your kids think you are!

    Nancy - thank you. That is high praise indeed.

    Tamis - again, thank you. How great is that video?? If only people were as sensible as Penguins!


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