Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome To Pennsylvania


On June 25th, as planned, my youngest kidadult left for Parris Island, South Carolina to begin life as a Marine Recruit.

On June 26th, as planned, the moving company came and packed up all my belongings.

On June 27th, as planned, the moving van came, loaded everything up and drove off with all my belongings.

I stood for the last time on my front porch and watched the van drive away.  It would take the truck two hours to get to my new home. I was to meet them there.

I took one last look around; one last walk through the house. I heard and felt the laughter, the joy, the tears and the years of our life all around me as I walked from room to room. I touched the walls and the counters one last time. I walked through my carefully tended gardens, I smelled the newly bloomed gladiolas and dahlias and gathered a last bouquet of daisies. When I was finished inhaling all the memories that a house can hold I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway for the last time.

Two blocks later I had to pull over to the curb because I could not see through my tears. But I did not look back. I dried my eyes and began my new journey. By the time I saw the "Welcome To Pennsylvania" sign at the last toll booth in New Jersey I knew I had made the right decision. A new home, a new start. A new life. As planned. By me.

It's been almost four weeks now since I have been here. I love my new condo. It is bright with natural light, it is open and new and I have made it my space. I have an incredible view of the mountains that surround the valley and can watch the sunrise from a small balcony off the kitchen; which I do often, cup of coffee in hand.

I am cooking again. I am moving forward on my own two feet. I am breathing and living and doing and being. I am me. Newly minted, freshly made. I am close to my family. I have met all my neighbors.  I have a brand new bike that I ride with abandon.

I remind myself everyday,

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” ― Dr. SeussOh, the Places You'll Go!

On, On. 

More new recipes soon. I promise.


  1. Hi Linda and welcome back. I am so happy to know that you are settled in and enjoying your new place. I love Pa. as does my wife. You may recall me mentioning how much I love being around the Amish in Lancaster County and have spent numbers of vacations there. My first real love though is mountains so I was tickled to know you have a view of them. Take good care of yourself and never forget that you have an extended family of people who think the world of you in blog land.

  2. Congratulations on your new beginning! I just moved to my own studio apartment in Brooklyn a month ago and I am so happy that I did. Its a great feeling.

  3. I was thinking about you just this morning. I am happy to see you again. Happy, too. that you are settling in. I look forward to seeing you more often here in the land of blog!

  4. Wow, Linda - you made it! Your move sounds so much like mine. Wandering from room to room one last time, etc. etc. I have looked back, however. I've driven past "my" house a few times since my move 8 months ago.
    It's hard to leave, and I can empathize with you pulling over to dry your tears.

    Welcome to your new condo. Sounds like you've made a good choice, a good move. And I am sure Jim is with you in your new home. How could he not?
    I sit every morning on my balcony, cup of coffee in hand and watch the sunrise over the lake. It is beautiful. Every night I still sleep with David's bathrobe, or t-shirt. I'm sitting in his chair as I type this.
    But - a brand new beginning. New people in my life too. Zumba classes, a group of widow ladies (and we actually laugh and have fun). I went canoeing over the weekend with my son and grandson.
    What a blessing it is to have children. Just wait until your grandbabies come!

    I hope your youngest son likes his new life too.
    Gentle hugs, my friend.

  5. I am so happy to read about your move. I can only imagine how bittersweet these plans are for you. It sounds like it really was the right decision. I am sending you peace, hugs, strength and good thoughts from the south. Looking forward to reading about more of your new adventures. Take care. xo

  6. Wow, congratulations on your new place. Nice that you are near your family, too. Wishing you peace, love, and contentment, in your new home.

  7. I've read your three posts since I last visited, and I'm very happy for you and inspired by you. Good luck in your new life. :)


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