Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Once Upon A Time

My beautiful and loving brother in law and his wife sent me this picture along with a darling hand made bird house for my new home. New life, new beginnings, old memories.

The picture, along with the bird house, was accompanied by a loving note - about life, about moving forward, about the past and about the future.

The entire package brought tears running down my cheeks ... not a hard thing to do these days... but most of all it brought the glorious comfort of the memory of love. I don't recall or was conscience of this picture being taken. Mark (TBHITW's brother was behind us... ) and unknown to us.. was snapping away with his camera....

On, On.

I give you a simple walk of a couple in love, in Central Park in NY, in the fall -not so very long ago.

I remember TBHITW. I remember.

Recipes Soon.



  1. A lovely memory to cherish forever, how sweet to be captured and sent by your BIL, its beautiful.

  2. A lovely gesture by your BIL and very appropriate for your new home as a remembrance of a love that will never really end. God bless you Linda

  3. What a lovely photo to cherish over time. All the best.

  4. What a great picture and such a thoughtful gift. Take care.

  5. I'm so very late to come here and comment on this post. Sorry!

    It's a wonderful photo, one of the best I've ever seen of a loving couple. You were a very blessed woman.

    Understand, you still are. The blessings are different, but they exist. Look for them and they will become more apparent as time goes on.

    God bless you!


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