Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank A Soldier

If you go to this web site, www.LetsSayThanks.com   you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. 
How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!!    It is FREE and it only takes a second. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these?    Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. 
This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you.    Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do.  We can never say enough thank you's. 
Thanks for taking to time to support our military! 

A Cook's Notes: I sent a card from TBHITW. I choose the one from Michigan as it was his home state. I am all about honoring the men and women who serve this country. Won't you do the same?


  1. Done! I had recieved an e-mail from one of our seasonal campers last week with this info. I was thinking of you just today and hoping that you are able to find joy in the season with your family. I spent the day baking cookies with a friend ......... very rewarding to see what we accomplished, but I am beat!!

  2. Done as well, I know that when I was serving in Viet Nam it would have meant so much to have received mail from anyone so Iknow how much this means. Thanks for starting it.

  3. I love this! I'm glad you mentioned it. I just sent a card and I am passing the link on to everyone I know!

  4. Thank you for sharing this site - I had not heard of it but I am on my way there now. Take care.


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