Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magic Blanket

Throughout our lives together we ran many races together. And many apart. Our collection of race T-shirts grew. Some of Jim's were quite old, dating back to the 70's and 80's. 

A few years ago I was culling the clothing and decided to make a quilt out of all the old "unwearable" T-shirts. Note: that is my description of some of TBHITW's ancient T's. He thought each and every one of them were just fine to wear. Oy-ee-vay.


I cut the fronts out of the shirts and pieced together a huge quilt. It became a bit of an albatross, growing larger by leaps and bounds. By the time it was done it was big enough to cover all five of us cuddled up on the sectional couch watching a movie. 

We named that quilt Magic Blanket because within minutes of wrapping yourself up in it you became warm and drowsy. Sleep, like magic.

Many nights now I find myself with a pot of tea or a glass of wine, wrapped up in Magic Blanket. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I watch TV. Lately I sit, wrapped up in Magic and stare at the lights on the Christmas tree. Or read the story of each T-shirt stitched into the blanket.

The fabric of our lives.

Annual St. Patrick's Day Race in Central Park.
Coffee and Green Bagels after the race.


  1. I am sure you have so many good memories to ponder as you sit wrapped in the magic blanket. I have been thinking of you during this busy holiday season.

  2. It is a wonderful way to keep him with you in an intimate way. Comforting as well.

  3. Beautiful. When a young lady( a girl I had known since I had taken care of her in my daycare) died a few of years ago, her Mom didn't know what to do with her clothes and yet her Mom didn't want to get rid of them. Around the anniversary of her death, her Mom and aunts took her clothes and made a quilt out of them for her. She finds much comfort in cuddling up in this quilt and she claims that she can still smell the scent of her daughter on these peices of cloth.
    Blessings to you. XX

  4. What a beautiful idea. It's wonderful that you have that now. Hopefully it brings comfort.

  5. Any chance we'll get to see this blanket?

  6. That is the best idea ever to make a quilt out of. TBHITW sounds like he and my dad would get along great- he loves his hole-y old T's from the 80's. Totally wearable in his opinion. I think my mom has probably gotten rid of most if not all of them by now... Man, there was this hole-y wine-stain shirt he wore for YEARS... Haha. Good Memories. : )

  7. I love the magic blanket idea. Take care.


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