Friday, September 28, 2012

Where do you put your heart?

Where do you put your heart when your son, your bouncing baby boy, is put  in danger's way?
Where do you put your heart when your child will be changed forever?
Where do you put your heart when you cannot protect your child anymore?

Do you steal it away?
Do you deny your heart's existence?
Do you pray?
What if you prayed and your prayers were not answered?

My heart is tender. My heart is raw. My heart still reels from the loss of a lifetime.

And now my country asks me to trust. To give. My son. He will be changed. He does not understand this as he is only 18 years young. He will see things. He will experience things we civilians can only imagine. There are three options to his life as I see them:
1. He will be wounded.
2. He will be killed (God forbid)
3. He will be changed forever.

Where do I put my heart? Where do I put my faith? Where do I put my pain? Where do I put my fear?

Right now I put all of this emotion deep inside of me. I share it with no one; least of all him. The few, the proud.

If you have a moment... a minute to spare.. would you do me a favor? I know that's a lot to ask of readers' on the internet. But could you offer up a prayer to your higher power? A prayer to keep this young Marine safe, sane, happy, and return him to this mom.

Thank you.

No recipes for food. Only a recipe (and a wish) for peace.

Zach with his brother Jacob

ps. he is on leave until Oct 1. I am cooking all of his favorite foods.


  1. Lots of love and prayers for a happy and healthy return.

  2. The heart of a mother....this post brought me to tears. Your pain is so deep and real. My heart hurts for you. I promise to pray for the safety of your son. ((HUGS))

  3. Sending you all good vibes for a happy outcome xxx

  4. God bless you both. Life is a tough journey, particularly for mothers.
    I will pray that your dear son returns home to you - safe and sound.

  5. My oldest son is a twice deployed Iraqi Vet. He spent 2 1/2 years deployed in total. So I absolutely understand what you are going through. There really are no adequate words I can offer but please know that my thoughts are with you and with him.

    I know that thanking them makes them uncomfortable but it must be said, please thank him for his service for me.

    Laurie (former backyard neighbor)

  6. I wish you good luck and a lot of prayers. God bless you. It's very emotional and touching. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  7. Sending prayers, hugs and hope for peace. xo


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