Monday, March 7, 2011

Shrove Tuesday, Fast NOT

I originally posted this recipe last year - just in time for Fastnacht Day (Fast Not).

Tomorrow is the day before the official start of Lent. A traditional time of fasting in many communities. Whether you follow this tradition or not I promise this is a sweet treat to savor on any Tuesday.

Fasnacht Day

May the lean days of Lent lead you to a spring surplus.



  1. I wasn't familiar with Fasnacht. Thanks for the great cultural history lesson. Those doughnuts look great. I don't think I'm going to muster the energy to make some tonight, but I might look for one tomorrow morning to stay with the spirit of things.

  2. So, am I allowed to say here how pleased I am that I had no idea Lent was starting this week? I think that means my separation from organized religion might be complete.

  3. Wow, I haven't observed Lent in years. I didn't know about the fast not, maybe because we were never a family for cooking sweets (though we were champs in sweets consumption). Perhaps I should give up chocolate this year. It's what I used to give up most years as a kid. It gave me a whole new appreciation for all the goodies the Easter bunny left for me.

    Thank you for this-it just opened a whole new avenue of memories for me.

  4. WEll, I'm not great at recipes, but they are fun to read sometimes...

  5. These fasnachts look fab and remind me of beignets with potatoes. I will definitely be trying these after Lent, as I'm giving up sweets this year. Happy Shrove Tuesday!

  6. I always give up flour and dairy for Lent. First few days are the hardest...

  7. Looks really good - thank you for sharing. Here's to spring :-) Take care.

  8. Linda....I just wanted to stop by and say hello. You were on my mind and in my prayers. (Mama Grits...aka Kim)

  9. Those donuts look delicious! Oh, I remember my mother making donuts a long, long, time ago now. Coming home after school and biting into a freshly made sugary sweet treat was heaven (way back then).

    Take care, my friend.


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