Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five Months, Seven Days and How to Reheat Pizza

It has been 5 months and 7 days since TBHITW died.
I said it.
He died.

What have I learned?

I learned:
that one can be alone without being lonely.
that it is okay to cry.
that it is okay to laugh.
Anywhere. Anytime.
that asking for help does not make you weak.
that no matter how many times I ask God to bring him back, TBHITW is not coming back.
that asking why is futile.
that love doesn't die.
that I didn't die; just a part of me.
that tears are endless.
that sleeping and eating and exercise are important; more now than ever before.
that people care.
that people don't understand (mercifully).
that life is truly a circle.
that many, many people mourn.
that grieving has no time frame.
it is personal.

I've learned a lot the last 5 months and 7 days. Much more than I can write about here. Like I said, grief and mourning is a personal journey. It takes you places you never dreamed. Or want to dream about.

I've also learned the best way to reheat leftover pizza. Leftover pizza was never a problem when TBHITW was here.

So. Let's review:

Oven. nope.

Microwave (don't even think about it)

Frying Pan - read on.

Wipe a large, nonstick skillet with a paper towel saturated with a bit of olive oil*
Place over medium-low heat.
Add as many slices of cold, leftover pizza the pan can hold. Or as many as you can eat.
Place a lid over the pan and wait.... (theme song from Jeopardy playing in your head)
Check after 2 minutes. Recover if the cheese is not melted.
(theme song from Jeopardy repeat).
Check again.
The cheese will be melted, the crust will be crisp and you'll swear the delivery man just handed you a piping hot fresh pie.

*Do not, I repeat, do not use spray oil (aka Pam) on a nonstick pan. This will ruin your teflon - it will become sticky and useless. I have forewarned you. Go forth and use a paper towel saturated with olive oil.

The Good Cook


  1. Handy pizza information.

    I cannot imagine all you've learned. You are so right, though, that people care. I have continued to keep you in my thoughts.

  2. Well, life is nothing if not a learning experience. I am so glad that you are still able to see that. : )

    Also- Wow! this is actually a tip I knew! I never do it though because I am so impatient I just eat my leftover pizza cold. My husband reheats it this way though..

  3. Well, I've never reheated pizza in a pan on the range top before, but lesson learned.

    You have walked a great long walk these past months, my friend.

  4. Great pizza info - we usually microwave and it's not good.

    You have been on a very personal and difficult journey. I am so glad to see you still here talking about pizza. I really am.

    I received the vanilla beans today! Yay! They smell heavenly. I will let you know what I finally come up with, which will probably be one of your recipes. :-)

  5. I have continued to keep you and your family in my prayers...I imagine all that you have learned on this journey and it hurts my heart. Since I usually have to heat up way too much pizza at one time, I ususally put it on a hot stone in the oven. But, next time I only need to heat a little bit I will have to try this. Thanks for the handy info.!

  6. Have you seen my post about fixing pizza in the electric skillet? I did it quite some time ago. This reminds me of that. Super yummy.

  7. You've been on a journey this past year that you never should have had to make, and no, I don't understand. I can empathise, but I don't understand. No one can understand.

    But you have come through with flying colors. I don't pretend to fathom how you've been able to cope. I hope that this blog and your online friends have made a difference and kept you going.

    As for the pizza - I'd never thought of doing that, but that's exactly the way I reheat cornbread and it tastes just like fresh again!

  8. I have been away from blogland for so long that I had absolutely no idea, I am very sorry. I am glad that you are still writing about your journey.

    PS I know I look different, I am no longer eternally distracted...

  9. I have just spent a lot of time going back through the last few months of your blog. I wrote you an email but it bounced back... anyway, I am thinking of you.

  10. I can't tell you how blessed I have been to follow along on your journey and this post is awesome especially looking back. And I even learned something today. I have been guilty of spraying Pam onto my pans but I PROMISE I will never do it again. Thanks. :)

  11. It sounds like TBHITW is still very much with you. And always will be - our loved ones have a way of speaking to us, even when we can no longer physically be with them.
    And pizza in a pan?! Great idea. I'm going to try this next time...

  12. I will keep that pizza info in mind. We have a lot of pizza here.

  13. Thank you for sharing your journey and all that you have learned. I am sending you good thoughts and hugs.

    Thank you also for the pizza tip. Take care of yourself.

  14. I've thought about heating up pizza in a frying pan, just so the crust will be crispy, but I've never done it. I always heat it up in the oven.

    Like Odie, I too use Pam on my non-stick pans. And you're right, they get sticky. I have to scrub like crazy to get rid of the stickiness. I'll try to remember to use olive oil instead.

  15. This is exactly how I feel. God bless you & thank you. Otin pointed me to you.


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