Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy and a Giveaway

Things that make me happy:

Lillies blooming in my pond make me happy

Feeding the pond fish every morning is nice

Flowers in my garden make me smile

Butterfly Bushes are beautiful

My dog waiting patiently for me and my gardens that have been certified as Wildlife Habitats are a source of joy

A porch with a rocking chair is a good place to rest

My rain barrel makes me and my plants happy

Whimsical Garden Art is fun

Flowers on the steps are cheerful

Carved Wooden Bears are handy hose guides, they keep everything in line.

And FireWire

Wait, what? FireWire? 

YES! FireWire. FireWire is a flexible stainless steel grilling skewer that holds twice as much food as a regular skewer. But that's not the best feature. FireWire is dishwasher safe, won't rust and is reusable. AND you can marinate right on the wire. Just load your FireWire with food, place in a bowl or resealable bag and add marinade. When you are ready to grill, just remove the FireWire and place on the grill. How non-messy is that? 

But since The Best Husband In The World (TBHITW) is the grill master in the house, I handed over my test mitts to him. Here's what TBHITW had to say,

"Some of the best features that I noticed right away:
the tips of the FireWire Skewer remain cool so you can easily move your food around the grill and the food does not "twirl" on the skewer, so there's no battling with it in order to grill it on all sides. I also liked that the FireWire Skewer could hold a lot of food, I wasn't stressed out trying to turn 10 or 12 skewers all at once, trying to keep everything evenly cooked."

"Once the food was cooked, it released easily from the FireWire; no handling hot metal skewers, or worse, splinters in your food from charred, wooden skewers."

Vegetables marinating

We skewered the old way and the new way, with FireWire... TBHITW nominated FireWire as the winner. Since he is the grill master, I bow to his nomination.

The tip of the FireWire remains cool for easy handling

You can grill in a "loop" or in one long line ... 

Dinner is served

Want your own FireWire? 

Tell me what makes you happy in the comment form. 

Two lucky winners, randomly chosen from all comments received by midnight, Saturday, June 12th. 2010 will each receive a set of FireWire Flexible Grilling Skewers, just in time for Father's Day and grilling season! 

So, what makes you happy? I'll post the winners on Sunday, June 13th. along with a list of retailers where you can buy (if you don't win) your very own FireWire.

*I purchased my FireWire a few months ago and was so happy with the results, contacted FireWire and asked them if they would supply me with a few sets for a giveaway for you, my readers. FireWire happily obliged. I have not been compensated for this review, nor am I in any way (other than a happy consumer) affiliated with FireWire or Inno-Labs, makers of FireWire. - Geez.. what I don't go through for you people. 


  1. What makes me happy? Baby laughter. A new bird at my feeders. Finishing my "to do" list. A cooking class. Getting that 'perfect' photo shot.

  2. Those are so interesting! Will you have a pond at the new place, too? My garden makes me happy. All of it. But especially the lima beans that all sprouted yesterday. I decided they looked like big dragonflies coming out of the ground.

  3. What makes me happy? A clean smoker and grill with no shortages of wood or charcoal!

  4. What makes me happy? Our 25th wedding anniversary in July and when my husband calls to say that he is on his way home and it's before 9:00 p.m.

  5. Teri - those are good happy things.

    Kate - yes, we'll have a pond as part of our gardenscape up "north".. lima beans sprouting? Now that is a happy thing.

    Buffalo - Yum.. .charcoal grilling.

    Mary Lynn - Happy Anniversary!! and husbands home early are always happy things.

  6. Those look great! I am a nuisance with a typical skewer. I am the one that grills in the family and I can drop food off of one so fast!
    What makes me happy? Blogging, entering giveaways and sometimes wining one:)
    I have one going on now too if you'd like to stop by.

  7. The kids' last day of school, an icy Margarita on a hot summer night, finding money in clothes that have not been worn in a while, an empty laundry basket, and a clean house all make me happy.
    Your sister, M

  8. Debbie - Most skewers lose food - another benefit of FireWire.. Good Luck with the drawing!!

    Anonymous - Oh, those are all happiness makers!!

  9. This list of what makes me happy is pretty long and not at all connected, watching my plants bloom (especially the vegitables), High Heels, oranization, my pets, my family, sunshine, A good aged goat cheese, white anchovies, and so much more. It's the simple things in life....

  10. Peanut butter, my fam, naps, running,...all make me super happy!

  11. Well.. what makes me happy..My dogs as they cudddle next to me at night while I read a good book and of course Puppy breath.
    ... The ocean in the early morning when its foggy and quiet and still. My garden ..and the peaceful feeling it brings me...The first cup of coffee in the morning..And my husbands smile....just a few..of the many things that make me happy

  12. Love this concept! I need to come back and catch up on some of your posts. I've been inundated with moving, but I would have to say that my little grandson's smile makes me happy in a way that is indescribable. He makes my heart sing!

  13. What makes me happy. Well a dozen things come to mind but mostly having been married 56 years to one sensational guy. Then I live in Virginia, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spring here would make anyone happy. Our garden is filled with blossoming trees and shrubs of all varieties. What makes me the happiest is that my husband and I are both in our late seventies and we still manage a large vegetable garden in the summer to share with our children and neighbors.

  14. Your garden is beautiful and filled with so many lovely things. And the Fire Wire is a brilliant invention and I would love to win it! What makes me happy is having fun! :) Have a great weekend, cher!

  15. Okay, I totally missed this somehow...Oh well. So where do I purchase some of my very own? And of course, now you need to post some fabulous marinade recipe for us to use on meat and veggies for our FireWire!

    BTW, wonderfully yummy new recipes make me happy:) Thanks for obliging!


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